Popular Maps

Cache Maps

Full walkthrough on how to find every hidden cache with a lot of pictures, instructions and dynamic maps.

Gear Spawn Maps

Location of loose gear spawns on each map with guides, descriptions and dynamic maps.

Red Key Icon

Key Spawn Maps

Location of key spawns on each map, where they are used and how much they are worth

Weapon Spawn Maps

Location of loose weapon spawns on each map with guides, descriptions and dynamic maps


Popular Guides

Item Value Search

Simple tool to see the value of every item in the game.

All Quest Items

Complete list of all items needed for quests.

GP Coin

GP Coin Barter Trades

Guide on what to do with GP Coins and if the barter trades are worth it.

Flash Drive On Woods

Where to find a Secure Flash Drive on the Woods map.


Hideout In Escape From Tarkov

The Hideout is your PMC’s base of operations in Escape From Tarkov. It is dark and empty when you start the game, but gets progressively more elaborate as you progress. Improvements to the Hideout are handled by building and upgrading various stations or modules. These stations have different requirements and costs to construct, but unlock improvements to your character and new crafting recipes.

Loot Containers

There are many types of loot containers that can be searched in Escape From Tarkov and they will always be found in the same location. The items that can spawn inside vary based on the container type. Be advised that the developers will often change the rarity that specific items can spawn. Click on an image to learn more about that container, where it spawns and what can be found inside.

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