3M Bodyarmor Spawn At The Trainyard On Customs

Trains carrying goods headed for Tarkov are required to go through customs inspection before proceeding into the city. Any container needing a more thorough inspection or short term storage is directed to the on-site warehouse; commonly known as “Big Red.” Before the evacuation of Tarkov, guards used to patrol the trainyard of Big Red to protect the workers unloading the containers and to alert the proper teams if anything illegal was found. With the guards and workers gone you have to good chance to find some gear left behind like a Module 3M bodyarmor. Know where it can spawn with this guide.

Location of 3M Bodyarmor At The Trainyard On Customs

Proceed to the western side of the Customs map and enter the location where the Big Red Warehouse is located. This is the same warehouse where Prapor sends you to pick up a secure case for his quest Delivery From The Past. You will see a raised train platform across from the warehouse that runs alongside the train tracks. This platform can be accessed by ramps at both ends and a staircase to a metal platform at the middle. Proceed to this metal platform to find two wooden shipping crates placed in a corner. The Module 3M body armor can be found resting on the floor in a corner between the wooden shipping crates. This is the only known item to spawn at this location so you can quickly identify if it is there or not.

Module-3M bodyarmor

The Module-3M Bodyarmor is an armor vest with Armor Class 2 and 40 points of durability. You will need to hand in four to Ragman for his Supplier quest. In addition, you will need to wear it when killing scavs for Therapist’s Decontamination Service quest. A Module-3M in perfect condition can be sold to Ragman for 14,144 roubles. As a 9 slot item this results in a value of 1,571 roubles per slot.

Loose Armor, Weapon and Gear Spawns

Every map has set locations where armor, weapons and gear have a chance of spawning. Knowing the location of loose gear and weapon spawns is very helpful for many players in Escape From Tarkov. For players starting out in the game the gear and weapon spawns can help with early quests and having a set of armor or two in the stash for future raids. Or if you are playing as a player scav finding armor can instantly increase your survivability if you were unlucky to spawn without one. The same goes if you decide to run a raid with nothing but a pistol or your melee weapon on a money run. These spawns can really help improve your odds of a successful raid.

Other Spawns

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