Guns Spawning In The Showers Of Factory

Factory is not an ideal map for loot, but always surprises me with its diversity of loose loot scattered across the map. Most likely because my focus is entirely on PVP and just trying to survive the raid. That is why this loot spawn caught me completely by surprise. The Showers located on the second floor of Factory is a hot spot for PVP. With only two ways in or out it is a great area to farm scavs when playing with a team. It is also used by players trying to get behind enemies on the third floor hallway by office. The lockers are known to have barter items, ammo and provisions in addition to the Door Key to the Pumping Station and West Room 306. After this discovery we can now add guns and weapon parts to the list.

Gun spawn location in Showers on Factory
Location of the Loot Spawn in the Showers of Factory

New Loot Spawn Location On Factory

I never thought to look for loot by my feet right next to one of the exits until the day I nearly tripped over an AK while running through the showers. Sitting there on the floor was an AKMS loaded with 30 rounds of 7.62x39mm PS rounds ready to go. After the raid, I quickly returned to Factory to confirm the loot spawn location and was rewarded with a MOE Stock in the same spot. Loot spawn location confirmed. The loot table for this spot includes Weapons and Weapon Parts.

Spawnable Loot

  • Weapons
    • Assault Carbines
      • Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62×39
    • Assault Rifles
      • AKMS 7.62×39 assault rifle
    • Submachine Gun
      • HK MP5 Kurz 9×19 submachinegun
  • Weapon Parts
    • Magazines
    • Mounts
    • Stocks

The next time you’re running for your life through the showers in Factory be sure to glance at the floor on your way out. You may find something worth keeping! Check out our Factory resource for more looting tips and guides for Escape From Tarkov.

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