Car Battery Spawn By Airplane Wreckage On The Woods Map

One of the valuable early wipe items players search for is the Car Battery. A heavy six slot item that is needed for an early Therapist quest and Hideout upgrades. Though a rare spawn, this item can be found on the Woods Map. It appears an unfortunate plane that crash landed in Woods had one or two onboard. And lucky scavengers searching through the wreckage may be fortunate enough to find one. Learn the location where the Car Battery can spawn on the Woods map with this guide.

Location Of Car Battery

The Car Battery can be found in the plane wreckage located just west of the “Spine” mountains in the center of the map. The wreckage is just south of Jaeger’s campsite and east of a Hidden Cache location. There are three main loot spawn locations in the wreckage trail. The Car Battery itself will spawn on a broken piece of the plane’s wing located on the left side of the trail. Other barter items such as electronics, tools and air filters can be found here.

Car Battery

Car Battery

The Car Battery is a Barter Item under the Energy Element category. It is an important quest item during the early game. You will need to find 4 in raid for Therapist’s Car Repair quest. In addition, you will need 5 Car Batteries for your Vent Station upgrades in your Hideout. It is a heavy six-slot item that can be sold to Therapist for 36,938 roubles. This results in a value of 6,156 roubles per slot.

Other Spawns

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