Check Out The Key Points From TarkovTV #11 Devblog

Escape From Tarkov developers, Battlestate Games, hosted the 11th installment of their popular TarkovTV devblog on November 20, 2020. The episode was streamed live on Twitch with a panel consisting of Lead Developer, Nikita Buyanov, and popular Twitch streamers Geekseh, Klean, FairTX and AquaFPS. The developers host these broadcasts to share updates on the game, answer questions from the community and sometimes drink juice … for some reason. This particular episode was originally scheduled for November 5, 2020, but was delayed due to “technical difficulties”.

The stream is over two hours long, but we have summarized the key points here for your reading pleasure.

Key Points From TarkovTV #11 Devblog

Woods Map Expansion

The Woods Map Expansion will be coming out with update 12.9 and will increase the map size by 2.0 – 2.5 times. Player count will be increased eventually. Nikita shared a screenshot of a new Emercom camp added to the map. The mountain area by Rock Passage will be easier to access and explorable.
Woods Expansion Emercom CampWoods Expansion Emercom Camp

Streets Of Tarkov Map

The release of the map has been delayed into 2021. It will feature dormitories, grocery stores, hotels, car dealerships and more. A new scav boss will be located at a car dealership. He will be a large individual with a RPK machinegun and supported by 8-10 guards. His behavior is to defend and hold the car dealership instead of attacking and advancing. The level designers have been adding a lot of detail and new textures to the map, but optimization will be a challenge.

Streets of Tarkov will serve as a gateway to other maps such as Labs, Interchange and Factory. A player will load into Streets and must find an entrance into another map. If they survive the other map, then they will extract back into Streets where they must extract again. The Streets map will include dead drop locations such as cars or sewer manholes where a player can secure their earned loot, but must still extract themselves. This feature is still being worked on so more details will be shared at a later date.

New Items

Battlestate Games shared images for many new items in development. This includes new low-tier backpacks and tactical rigs, optics and gun receivers. The first look at the in-game Kalashnikov smart shotgun, the MP-155 Ultima, was also shared. A reinforced backpack with armor class 2 shown. It will be tested on ETS first. They are hoping to release PMC face selection to 12.9, but may be delayed further. See our photo gallery below for all of the images.

Twitch Rivals

The next Twitch Rivals Escape From Tarkov event is scheduled for November 24, 2020. It will follow the same BINGO scoring method as the last event. Invitations will be going out this week.

Early Test Servers

ETS is live and allows the developers to test new features before they are released to the general public. They need to improve the ETS experience as many testers are simply playing the game and not reporting any bugs or sharing feedback. They need more quality testers. They plan to test features such as VOIP, removing secure containers, removing traders, removing the flea market, movement inertia, etc.

Clan Hideouts

We know new zones will be added to the Hideout such as a gym to train physical skills and an expanded shooting range with longer distance and interactive targets. However, for the first time Nikita shared the concept of player clans and clan hideouts. This will be a DLC expansion, but players will be able to form clans and work together to build a clan hideout. This appears to be an idea at this stage and may change dramatically.

Update 12.9

The next update, 12.9, will be releasing in the following few weeks of 2020. It will include new content, bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Originally, the next major update and wipe, 13.0, was supposed to arrive after 12.9, but this has been delayed. There will be a 12.10 update.

Misc Updates And Information

– Armband slot will become unlootable.
– Spamming the Report function will cause your reports to be systematically ignored
– Focus of next year will be on rebalancing and optimizing the game for release
– The player requested rechamber action took a lot of work, but is rarely used after release in 12.8
– Steam Audio become bugged after a recent update. Nikita recommends not using it until it is fixed
– Customizable tactical rigs and armor still planned, but delayed
– Weapon skins are being explored (image shared)
– Offline Coop will be hosted on EFT servers, but may be part of a DLC
– Optics rework being worked on
– Revolvers were planned, but the mechanics took too much work so it’s constantly delayed
– Durability may be added to weapon parts such as magazines and have a chance of failure

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