Complete Guide To Key Spawns On The Woods Map

The following keys will spawn on the Woods map at the indicated locations. Spawn rates will vary from common to extremely rare. Since spawn locations can be hard to find, use our interactive loot map to locate the exact position of a key. This guide will go over every key spawn location that can be found on the Woods map in Escape From Tarkov.

KeyMap UsedLocation FoundTrader Value

Lab. Violet Keycard
LabsUSEC Checkpoint
Lumber Shack
– Grey Warehouse

RB-MP12 key
ReserveLumber Yard52,800

RB-ORB2 key
ReserveRUAF Roadblock48,600
East Wing Room 318 Key
East wing room 308 key
East Wing Room 314 Key
East wing room 314 key
ShorelineUSEC Checkpoint12,204

East wing room 316 key

Shturman Key
WoodsShturman Loot90,370

Guide To Key Spawn Locations On Woods Map In Escape From Tarkov

Lab. Violet Keycard

The Lab. Violet Keycard is the most valuable loose loot item that spawns on the Woods map. The keycard has three different spawn locations across the Woods map listed below.

  • On The Desk In The Lumber Shack
    • Spawns on the desk in the light of the lamp
  • Inside The SUV At USEC Checkpoint
    • Found on the driver side seat of the black SUV vehicle
  • Inside The Trunk Of The SUV At Lumber Yard
    • Located in the back trunk of the SUV vehicle in front of the grey warehouse

The Violet Keycard is a key used on the Labs map. The key opens a server room with multiple large Weapon Boxes, high value electronic spawns, modded weapon and weapon part spawns. The keycard sells to traders for 456,000 ₽. If you manage to make it out alive, then you can sell it on the Flea Market for millions of Roubles.

RB-MP12 key

The RB-MP12 key can be found in the large grey warehouse located in the lumber yard at the center of the Woods map. It will spawn on the shelves in the blue metal cabinet located inside the warehouse.

This key is used to gain access to a locked room on the 1st Floor of the Black Knight building on the Reserve map. This room contains a Jacket, Wooden Crate and loose loot spawns for items such as ammo, Folder with Intelligence and 6-STEN-140-M military battery. In addition, you can sell this key to Therapist for 52,800 Roubles.

RB-ORB2 key

The RB-ORB2 key can be found near the RUAF Roadblock extract. Near the extract will be an abandoned military tank. Across the road from the tank you will find a little camp site set up behind a concrete barrier and sandbags. You can find the key spawning on the concrete barrier next to an empty cup.

This key is used in the White Pawn building on the Reserve map. It unlocks a metal grate door on the second floor of the building. Once inside, players will find a Drawers, a Weapon Box (4×4), a Weapon Box (5×2) and loose loot consisting of ammo, weapon parts and AK weapons. Alternatively, you can sell the key to Therapist for 48,600 Roubles.

East wing room 308 key

The East Wing Room 308 key can be found in the Cabins located in the Lumber Yard at the center of the Woods map. Proceed into Cabin 1 (the one with the Weapon Box (4×4)). Once inside, you can find the key on the night stand between the two beds.

This key is used to access a locked room on the third floor of the East Wing in the Health Resort on Shoreline. Once inside Room 308, players will find a Medcase along with loose loot consisting of Money, Provisions and Weapon spawns. Room 308 also grants access to Room 306 which has 4 PC Blocks, a Weapon Box (4×4) and loose loot spawns granting a chance at Money, Provisions, Flyye MBSS Backpack and a DVL-10 sniper rifle. The key can also be sold to traders for 18,000 Roubles.

East wing room 314 key

The East Wing Room 314 Key can be found in the cabin located at the USEC Checkpoint on Woods. After entering the cabin, proceed right and you will come across a Drawers and a little wooden stool next to it. You will find the key resting on top of the wooden stool.

Once you have the key you can take it to the Health Resort on Shoreline and use it to unlock Room 314 located on the third floor of the East Wing. Inside Room 314 you will discover a Weapon Box (5×2) and loose loot such as Money, Weapon Parts, Weapons and Medical Treatment items. You will also be able to navigate to Room 313 next door. This room houses a Weapon Box (6×3), a Medbag SMU06 and loose loot spawns consisting of Money, Weapon Parts, Medical Treatment and the rare LEDX Skin Transilluminator. This key can be sold to traders for 12,204 Roubles.

East wing room 316 key

The East Wing Room 316 key can be found in a van down by the river…I mean lake. It is the same van where you obtain the blood sample for Therapist’s Health Care Privacy – Part 3 quest. The van is located along the shoreline of the lake by the RUAF Checkpoint extract location. Once you’ve found the minivan, you can check for the key in an open suitcase located on the ground to the rear of the vehicle.

This key unlocks Room 316 located on the third floor of the East Wing in the Health Resort on Shoreline. Players will find a Weapon Box (6×3), a Weapon Box (5×2), a Medcase and loose loot items such as Weapon Parts and a SV-98 sniper rifle. Therapist will buy the key from you for 5,522 Roubles.

Shturman Key

The Shturman Key can be looted off the body of the scav boss, Shturman. He will not spawn every raid, but when he does you can find him in the Lumber Yard. Shturman and his companions can be a challenge so be prepared for a fight. After you’ve taken him down the key is a guaranteed spawn in his Pockets.

The Shturman Key is a single use key that opens the Common Fund Stash located by a log pile in the middle of the Lumber Yard. This is the only loot container in the game that requires a key to open. The Common Fund Stash will spawn higher tier items from the Provisions, Weapons, Barter Items and Weapon Part categories. The most notable item that can spawn is a Red Rebel Ice Pick. A found-in-raid Shturman key is needed to complete Jaeger’s Huntsman path – Woods keeper quest. It can also be sold to traders for 90,370 Roubles or on the flea market for upwards of 250,000 Roubles depending on the time since the last wipe.

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