Complete Guide To Weapon Spawns On The Customs Map

This guide will go over every weapon spawn location that can be found on the Customs map in Escape From Tarkov.

Guide To Weapon Spawn Locations On Customs Map In Escape From Tarkov

1. Old Gas Station

Just south of the Storage Tanks Building is a rail way overpass that leads to an Old Gas Station. At the Old Gas Station is a building with a table and couch inside. Though it may look simple, this location is one of the best loot spots on the map. The table inside the station has a large loot table that includes all weapon parts, weapons and gear. The loot table is similar to the Marked Room on Customs. As a result, it’s described as a “Marked Room without all the markings.”

2. Giving Tree

Behind the Old Gas Station is a blue fence. You can go around the fence or jump over a broken section to get to the other side. Once there you will find a tree standing next to a concrete circle with a Medbag SMU06 inside of it. Look at the foot of the tree as two items will spawn there every raid. This tree shares the same loot table as the Marked Room – just like the Old Gas Station. You can find weapons, weapon parts, gear and even cases here. Hence the name, the Giving Tree.

3. Old Gas Station Sandbags

At the Old Gas Station, across from the actual station and past the gas pumps is a small defensive sandbag position set up in a repair bay. You will find a Wooden Crate behind the sandbags next to a plastic chair. Just to the right of the Wooden Crate can spawn an Assault Rifle just leaning against the sand bags. Typically, this rifle will be an AK variant like a AKM.

4. Marked Room

The Marked Room is located on the third floor of the three-story Dorms building and requires the Marked Key to enter. The Marked Room has the best loot table on the Customs map as items such as weapons, weapon parts, high quality barter items and even cases can spawn here. When finding weapons you have a higher chance of looting a higher-quality gun like a HK416.

5. Room 204 Weapon Cabinet

In the three-story dorms building on the second floor you will find a locked door to Room 204. You will need the Dorm room 204 Key to enter this room. Once inside, you will find a blue weapon cabinet against the left wall. Open the bottom door to see if a weapon has spawned inside. Most commonly shotguns are found inside, but you can also find low-tier SMGs or Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62×39.

6. Guard Room Weapon Rack

As soon as you enter the Two-Story Dorms Building through the main entrance you will find a Guard Room immediately to your right. This room is locked and requires the Dorm guard desk key to open. Once inside, look to the back corner of the room to find a wooden weapon rack. This rack is a spawn for weapons such as AK variants.

7. Room 303

Room 303 is located on the third floor of the three-story Dorms building. The room is locked and requires the Dorm room 303 key to open. Once inside, look on the couch on the right side of the room across from a Wooden Crate. Weapons can spawn resting on top of the couch.

8. USEC Garage

Inside the USEC Garage building will be a few metal shelves to the southern end of the wall behind a large truck awaiting repairs. These metal shelves often spawn weapon parts, barter items and medical treatment items. However, Throwable Weapons such as a VOG-25 Khattabka grenade can also spawn. You will find them on the metal shelf in the right corner that stands by itself.

9. Shortcut

The Shortcut refers to a small guard station that connects the Train Yard area with the main road near the New Gas Station. It requires the Factory Exit Key to open the doors on either side, but doing so can save you time making your way around the wall. The guard station begins with a hallway that connects to a small room. Inside the cluttered room is a Wooden Crate and a sleeping bag. Next to the sleeping bag on the floor is a Throwable Weapon spawn where you can find items like the M67 hand grenade.

10. Old Gas Station Van

In the Old Gas Station next to the building is a Van with its truck door open. If you look inside the back door, then you can find items spawning in the van. This loot table includes Throwable Weapons such as the M67 hand grenade.

11. Storage Tanks Building

The Storage Tanks Building is located north of the main Train Yard on the Customs map. Inside the building against the northern wall is a set of metal shelves surrounding a metal cabinet. A Throwable Weapon loot spawn is located on the metal rack second from the left. Items such as F-1 hand grenades and RGD-5 hand grenades can be found here. This exact location also has a chance to spawn Gear – Headsets as well.

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