Discover Spawns For Kinda Cowboy Hat on Interchange

The Kinda Cowboy Hat is a headwear item that must be Found In Raid for Ragman’s Dressed To Kill quest. The hat can be occasionally found on AI scavs; however, it’s an uncommon item for them to spawn with. The best way to get this item is on the Interchange map because the hat can spawn on the various mannequins located across the mall. This guide will show you all of the spawns for the Kinda Cowboy Hat on the Interchange map in Escape From Tarkov.

Guide To Kinda Cowboy Hat Spawns On Interchange

IDEA Furniture Store

The IDEA Furniture Store is located on the left side of the mall. Where the IDEA furniture store leads into the main mall are four mannequins placed right at the entrance. They are located in pairs behind sandbag defensive position on either side of the entrance. The two mannequins to the right behind the sand bags with two yellow flood lights can spawn the Kinda Cowboy Hat.


The NORTEX clothing store is located to the right of the IDEA entrance to the main mall. This store has placed mannequins in pairs along the window displays at the front of the store. The Kinda Cowboy Hat can spawn on any of these mannequins, but most commonly found on the pair to the right of the store entrance and in the left corner of the store.


Inside the SPIEL clothing store is a single mannequin by a clothing rack. This mannequin can spawn with the Kinda Cowboy Hat. We have not found the mannequins in the window displays to spawn any headwear.


The VIKING clothing store has two entrances to the mall. A pair of mannequins can be found next to both entrances. These can spawn with the Kinda Cowboy Hat.


A pair of mannequins are placed in the corner of the KOSTIN clothing store facing the book store. The mannequin on the left can spawn with the Kinda Cowboy Hat.


The AVOKADO clothing store has mannequins placed along the back wall of the store. The mannequin closest to the windows and the mannequin next to the changing rooms can both spawn with the Kinda Cowboy Hat.


The western entrance to the Sports store has two mannequins to the left that oddly face a covered window. These mannequins can be found with the Kinda Cowboy Hat headwear. On the opposite side of the store towards Rasmussen is another mannequin standing by a broken window display. This mannequin can also spawn with the hat.

REVI’S Store

The western side of the Revi’s store has a female mannequin in the window display stand. It can spawn with the Kinda Cowboy Hat.


Two mannequins are located to the left of the entrance of the Boots 4 Life store. The mannequin on the left can spawn the Kinda Cowboy Hat on its head. In addition, the two mannequins in the corner closest to the left wall can also spawn with the hat.


The FIGARO clothing store has multiple mannequins placed in the window display just outside the store. The Kinda Cowboy Hat can be found on the mannequin on display behind a broken window.

Food Court Balcony

This mannequin is not located in a store, but instead placed near the window balcony located in the food court on the second floor of the mall. This is the large bay window that looks out to the parking lot of the Interchange mall. This single mannequin behind the sand bags can spawn with the Kinda Cowboy Hat.

Gear Details

Kinda Cowboy Hat

The Kinda Cowboy Hat is a decorative head wear item. Two Found In Raid Kinda Cowboy Hats are needed for Ragman’s Dressed To Kill questline. It is also used in a Mechanic barter trade for a Glock17 Tac 3 pistol. It can be sold to Ragman for 12,098 roubles. As a 4 slot item this results in a value of 3,025 roubles per slot.

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