Duffle Bag Spawn Found On Woods

Duffle Bag Spawn On Woods
Loose Duffle Bag Spawn On Woods

A new duffle bag spawn has been discovered on Woods. The bag can be found resting against a tree between the plane crash site and the nearby hidden cache. The duffle bag will often spawn with a few items inside. We have found weapon parts such as muzzle devices and foregrips inside. It is always exciting to come across loose bags, weapons and armor in Escape From Tarkov. Especially on a map such as Woods with limited loot locations.

How To Find It

Duffle Bag Spawn Location
It’s By The Tree…

Travel to the airplane crash site. From the path of the wreckage look towards the hidden cache location (use our Interactive Woods Loot Map if you are not sure where that is). The cache will be in between two large trees. The duffle bag spawns leaning up against the tree on the left.

The Duffle Bag is a backpack item with 12 inventory slots in a 4×3 configuration. It can be sold to Ragman for 1,286₽. This particular bag will spawn with 0-3 random items. We have found weapon parts inside, but will update this article as needed.

This article was written during Escape From Tarkov version

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