Escape From Tarkov | Barter Item Values

This Escape From Tarkov | Barter Item Values table will help you quickly identify how much a barter item can be sold for. With over 150 barter items in the game and the abrupt changes in flea market values it can be difficult to know what items are worth taking. This interactive table will help you maximize your loot.

ItemLoot TierFlea Market PricePrice Per SlotTrader PriceQuestHideoutBarter
#FireKlean gun lubeS75,00075,00021,857YY
42nd Signature Blend English TeaB19,80019,80016,652Y
5L propane tankC28,0007,0007,588YY
6-STEN-140-M military batteryS850,000106,250198,000Y
A pack of nailsB19,00019,0002,463YY
A pack of screwsB10,99910,9991,884YY
A set of toolsC38,0009,50012,226YY
AA BatteryD3,0003,000391Y
Air filter for gas maskC11,1115,5566,023Y
Analog thermometerB27,40013,70027,360Y
Antique teapotB29,99915,00028,140YY
Antique vaseB41,49910,37540,680YY
Apollon Soyuz cigarettesD2,8882,8881,500Y
Aramid fiber clothD9,9995,0005,280YY
Battered antique BookB37,81918,91037,817Y
Broken GPhoneB11,88711,88711,209YY
Broken GPhone XB19,39919,39919,200Y
Broken LCDD8,2344,1178,100Y
Bronze lionS325,55554,25997,761YYY
Can of Dr. Lupo's coffee beansA31,00031,00031,200Y
Car batteryA135,00022,50036,938YY
Cat figurineC28,0009,33328,385YY
Chain with Prokill medallionS71,00071,00051,000Y
Christmas tree decoration ball (red)D4,2004,2004,200YY
Christmas tree decoration ball (silver)C6,0006,0006,000YY
Christmas tree decoration ball (violet)B12,00012,00012,000YY
Classic matchesC10,00010,0001,212Y
Clin wiperB30,00015,0004,271YY
Coffee MajaicaB14,00014,0008,986YY
Construction measuring tapeF1,1301,1301,061Y
Corrugated hoseA47,00023,5007,321YY
CPU FanA28,00028,0002,802YYY
Crickent lighterF899899792Y
Cyclon accumulator batteryA51,00025,50051,000Y
D Size BatteryD5,0005,0001,324Y
Damaged hard driveC12,0006,0004,495YY
Deadlyslob's beard oilA33,26933,26933,269Y
Disposable syringeB20,00020,0001,800Y
Dogtag BEARC10,00010,000360YY
Dogtag USECC10,00010,000360YY
Dry fuelA26,66626,66625,305Y
Duct tapeC9,8889,8881,499YY
DVD driveC10,9995,5004,977Y
Electric drillD18,9994,75011,966YY
Electric motorB50,00012,50025,800YY
Energy-saving lampB11,00011,0006,493Y
Flat screwdriverB18,00018,000900
Fleece clothD8,7504,3752,400YY
FP-100 filter absorberB160,00017,77849,200
Fuel conditionerB38,00019,00036,362YY
Gas analyzerC11,5005,75012,418YY
Geiger-Muller counterD10,0005,00010,010Y
Gold skull ringS69,69969,69933,000YY
Golden 1GPhoneA26,78326,78326,783Y
Golden neck chainA27,00027,00022,906YYY
Golden roosterB52,00013,00054,340Y
GP coinA23,77723,77721,480Y
Graphics cardS790,000395,000118,800Y
GreenBat lithium batteryB15,00015,00015,600Y
Gunpowder "Eagle"A58,00029,00019,200Y
Gunpowder "Hawk"A52,50026,25021,000Y
Gunpowder "Kite"C11,0005,5008,400YY
Hand drillC35,5555,92636,000Y
Heat-exchange alkali surface washerD9,0004,5005,074YYY
Horse figurineD8,0004,0006,869YY
Hunter matchesC7,0007,0002,280Y
Hydrogen peroxideC9,8889,8887,301Y
Insulating tapeB11,42011,4201,211Y
KEKTAPE duct tapeS41,99941,99914,400YY
LEDX Skin TransilluminatorS910,000910,000291,000YYY
Light bulbC7,7777,7775,700YY
Long flat screwdriverD7,9003,9507,920Y
Malboro CigarettesD4,5554,5551,326YY
Medical bloodsetB16,00016,0005,859YYY
Metal cutting scissorsB31,77715,88913,380Y
Metal fuel tankC58,0009,6673,600
Military cableB40,00020,00024,720YY
Military circuit boardS191,111191,11124,000Y
Military COFDM wireless Signal TransmitterS148,90074,45087,300YYY
Military gyrotachometerB37,20018,60037,200Y
Military power filterS70,00070,00033,000YY
Military thermal vision module IridiumS48,72048,72048,720Y
NIXXOR lensB20,00020,00015,180YY
OFZ 30x160mm shellS96,00048,00033,600Y
Old firesteelA20,20020,20020,041Y
Ortodontox toothpasteF2,0002,0003,240Y
Ox bleachD9,9995,0003,593YY
Pack of chlorineC15,0007,5006,600Y
Paid AntiRoachC15,5557,7783,535Y
PC CPUB12,35012,3508,348YY
Phase control relayB11,80011,8005,700Y
Phased array elementS1,288,888322,22299,600YY
Physical bitcoinS494,869494,869494,869Y
Piece of plexiglasC7,0007,0005,195Y
Pile of medsC8,9988,9983,900Y
Pliers EliteB13,11113,1116,947YY
Polyamide fabric CorduraC19,8009,9007,920YY
Portable defibrillatorS139,999139,999134,760YY
Power supply unitA94,42023,6054,762YY
Pressure gaugeB33,00016,50036,720Y
Printed circuit boardB18,55018,5507,649YYY
Printer paperC17,0008,5001,402Y
Radiator helixB13,42013,4208,700YY
Raven figurineB28,80014,40028,800Y
Rechargeable batteryC10,00010,00010,221YY
Ripstop clothD8,9994,5003,480YY
Roler submariner gold wrist watchS270,000270,00042,629YYY
Round pliersD2,8882,8882,640Y
Saline solutionA34,00034,0005,105YY
Schaman shampooC16,9998,5004,200Y
Screw nutB15,00015,0005,220YY
Shustrilo sealing foamC27,0009,0003,301Y
Silicone tubeB11,00011,00011,340Y
Silver BadgeS36,19036,19036,174Y
Smoked Chimney drain cleanerC18,0009,0005,674Y
Sodium bicarbonateB17,99517,9956,120YY
Spark plugB15,00015,0006,593YYY
Strike CigarettesD5,0005,0001,872YY
SurvL Survivor LighterC9,0009,0009,600Y
T-Shaped PlugC5,8885,8881,489YY
Tetriz portable gameS525,555262,77872,000Y
Toilet paperC5,5555,5555,280Y
Tube of Poxeram Cold WeldingB11,89511,89511,640Y
UHF RFID ReaderS410,000410,00028,800Y
Ultraviolet lampC8,0008,0009,332Y
USB AdapterF1,1491,1491,042Y
UZRGM grenade fuzeB13,80013,8004,049Y
Virtex programmable processorS71,99971,99972,000Y
VPX Flash Storage ModuleS275,000275,00091,440YYY
Water filterA43,33321,66714,700Y
WD-40 100ml.C7,0007,0004,175YYY
WD-40 400mlC15,0007,50010,357Y
Weapon partsD7,9994,0008,544Y
Wilston cigarettesD4,0004,0004,790YY
Wooden clockC36,0009,00037,990Y
Working LCDB22,99911,50022,800Y
Xenomorph sealing foamC19,9996,6662,267Y
Zibbo lighterB11,00011,0005,770Y

Flea Market Values are updated daily.

How To Use This EFT Reference Table

The most common way to use this table is to find the item by name to reference its value. By default, the table is sorted alphabetically to help you easily find the item you want. In addition, item icons and images are not used purposely to allow more items to show on screen so you can find an item faster. If desired, you can sort the table by any of the columns. Simply click on the column header to sort by that value. For example, to sort by Flea Market Value simply left click on the Flea Market Value column header and the table will update the values from highest to lowest Flea Market Value.

Escape From Tarkov | Barter Item Values Table Reference

  • Item Name – The in-game item name
  • Loot Tier – Based on our Loot Tier system that categorizes the value of an item based on its Price Per Slot
  • Flea Market Price – Last known flea market price item has been listed for. Flea market data sourced from the fine folks over at
  • Price Per Slot – The value per inventory slot of an item based on the Flea Market Value
  • Trader Price – The highest value an item can be sold to a trader for. See our guide on which trader to sell items to here
  • Quest Item – If the item is needed for a quest / task
  • Hideout Req – If the item is needed to build or upgrade a station in your Hideout
  • Barter Trades – If the item is used in a barter trade with a trader. See a list of all barter trades here

What Is A Barter Item?

Escape From Tarkov Barter Item Category

Items in the Barter Items category consist of the most common loot you will find in the game. As a result, most item search quests, barter trades and hideout upgrades will require you to find a barter item. You can not use the barter items for anything else besides this or selling them. For example, your PMC cannot actually smoke a pack of Apollon Soyuz Cigarettes to relax his nerves….yet. Barter Items are also categorized by sub categories which consist of:

  • Others
  • Building Materials
  • Electronics
  • Energy Elements
  • Flammable Materials
  • Household Materials
  • Medical Supplies
  • Tools
  • Valuables

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