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Mechanic Trader Escape From Tarkov

On March 18, 2021, the developers of Escape From Tarkov added a global limit to Mechanic‘s barter trade for Physical Bitcoins. The Mechanic offers a barter trade where he will give you a Physical Bitcoin for the cost of a Tetriz Portable Game. Prior to this change players were limited to 3 barter trades for Bitcoins per refresh or roughly every hour. The new change has added a global limit of 100 trades on top of the individual limit further reducing the usage of this trade. 100 trades goes by very quickly causing the barter trade to become ‘out of stock’ about 1-5 seconds after the trader refresh. This is a move by the developers to test a new way to influence and potentially slow down the rapid growth of the in-game economy.

Mechanic’s Bitcoin Barter Trade

Mechanic’s Physical Bitcoin barter trade for a Tetriz Portable Game is one of the most popular trades in the game and an excellent way to earn money in game this wipe. Due to the in-game value of Physical Bitcoin pegged to the real life value of Bitcoins their value has reached all time highs. As of the time of this writing they can be sold to the Therapist for 788,000 roubles each. You can read more about this in our article on Bitcoin Prices Set To Real Life BTC Market.

Unlike the Flea Market, traders do not require the Found In Raid status on an item to use it for a barter trade. Thus, even if you died during a raid with the item in your secure container you will still be able to use it for a barter trade. As a result, this barter trade is very popular with hatch runners that rush the tech store on Interchange, stuff any Tetriz they find in their secure container and leave. Sometimes with the aid of a F-1 hand grenade. It becomes a high reward zero risk method to earn money in game that has been criticized by the Tarkov community throughout this wipe.

Bitcoin Barter Trade Limit Impacts To Tarkov Economy

This change significantly hinders the profitability of hatch running for Tetriz. Any player that acquired a Tetriz Portable Game item without the Found In Raid status has only two options. They can try to get lucky and barter it for a bit coin every hour or sell it directly to a trader. The highest amount a Tetriz can be sold to a trader for is 72,000 roubles to the Therapist. This is 1/10 the value of a Physical Bitcoin and a huge reduction in the profitability of the item. This will lead to a reduction of players hatchet running Interchange as they shift to other maps with more profitability for the method such as Reserve or Shoreline.

On a grander scale, this change will also reduce the amount of money being added to the in-game economy and help reduce the inflation we have seen. Any item sold to a trader adds Roubles into the wallets and money cases of the player base. Trades such as the bitcoin barter trade have led to the largest economy this wipe in the history of Escape From Tarkov. As a result, players have had to deal with a significant inflation of prices for items and equipment that cannot be purchased directly from traders or have limits. For example, in the last 7 days the popular Belomo PK-06 costs an average of 67,000 roubles on the Flea Market and even reached a high of 88,000! This inflation can make the game harder for newer players that are still learning the mechanics of EFT and how to make money as they cannot purchase the same quality of items that they could in a previous wipe. By limiting the amount that this barter trade can be used globally, the developers have capped the amount of “new” roubles this barter trade can add to the global economy each refresh.

But, is this the best way for the developers to combat inflation? Some Tarkov players have complained that the bitcoin global limit has killed the barter trade because the global inventory is quickly purchased by bots before players can manually enter their trades. Other players feel Battlestate Games should remove the value of in-game bitcoins pegged to the real life BTC market instead as it would have a greater impact. Either way, we at Tarkov Professional believe this global limit is just a test by the devs and will be adjusted a few times before it is ultimately removed.

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