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Update 12.9 introduced a feature where visors and most face shields offered some protection against flashbangs. This protection reduces the duration of the flash effect depending on the gear worn. This protection also applies to the effects of the popular 20/70 Star Slug fired by the TOZ KS-23M shotgun which has become popular since its release. We put this table together to help you identify all gear options offering protection against flash in Escape From Tarkov and their current value on the flea market (updated daily). The table is interactive with filters and the ability to sort by clicking on the desired column header.

Gear Guide For Flash Protection

CategoryItemFlash ProtectionArmor ClassArmor PointsFlea Market Price
Gear ComponentMaska 1Sch face shield35%65054,444
Gear ComponentMaska 1Sch face shield (Killa) (50/50)35%65054,969
VisorCrossbow tactical glasses30%0012,345
Gear ComponentRys-T face shield30%55549,500
VisorTwitch Rivals 2020 glasses30%00450,000
Gear ComponentAltyn face shield (50/50)25%55032,000
VisorRayBench Aviator glasses25%007,900
VisorRayBench Hipster Reserve sunglasses25%0012,420
VisorRound frame sunglasses20%0013,444
Gear ComponentCaiman Fixed Arm Visor15%23020,000
VisorDundukk sport sunglasses15%002,000
VisorGascan glasses15%006,000
Gear ComponentK1S Visor15%2302,800
VisorPyramex Proximity safety glasses15%006,666
VisorSI M Frame safety glasses15%006,999
Visor6B34 Anti-fragmentation glasses10%005,000
VisorAnti-fragmentation glasses10%006,000
Gear ComponentKiver face shield (40/40)10%34017,399
Gear ComponentLSHZ-2DTM face shield (50/50)10%45030,000
Gear ComponentMulti-hit ballistic face shield-visor for Ops-Core FAST helmet (40/40)10%340160,000
VisorTactical glasses10%001,199
Gear ComponentTW EXFIL Ballistic helmet face shield (black)10%34524,950
Gear ComponentTW EXFIL Ballistic helmet face shield (coyote)10%34522,000
Gear ComponentVulkan-5 face shield (85/85)10%48534,000
Gear ComponentZSh-1-2M face shield (50/50)10%35020,000
Gear ComponentOps-Core FAST Visor0%2209,600
Gear ComponentTac-Kek Heavy Trooper mask0%24589,000

This guide was written during game version and may become outdated in future updates.

Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide can help you quickly identify what items provide a specific value of flash protection. It is separated by item categories Gear – Visors and Gear Component face shields.

Flash Protection Guide For Escape From Tarkov

Flash Effect

Flash Effect In Escape From Tarkov
Your View When Flashed

The flash or Stunned effect causes your character to be blind for 33 seconds. The status effect is applied to your character’s head in the Health screen. Your vision will gradually be restored in the last few seconds of the effect. It is triggered if you are hit by either the Zarya stun grenade or the 20/70 Star Slug round fired by the TOZ KS-23 Shotgun. It is not applied if you look into a flashlight or other light source. You will have to kill 2 PMCs under the Stunned effect for Jaeger’s Huntsman path – Controller quest.

Stunned Icon In Escape From Tarkov
Stunned Effect Icon

Combining Flash Protection

Wearing two different pieces of gear that offer Flash Protection will stack their values and offer you better protection; however, it is not as simple as adding the percentages together. The game appears to apply one value and then the other. For example, when wearing the Crossbow Tactical (30%) and the Kiver Face Shield (10%) it did not reduce the flash time by 40% – it was closer to 37%. This is because it calculates the protection one gear at a time.

33 Second Flash * 70% (Crossbow) = 23 Second Flash – 23 Second Flash * 90% (Kiver Face Shield) = 20.79 Second Flash

Wearing this combo reduced the Stunned effect from 33 seconds to 21 seconds (rounded).

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