First Look At The New Expansion Coming To The Woods Map

Battlestate Games have been teasing a much needed expansion to the Woods map in Escape From Tarkov throughout the year. Lead Game Designer, Nikita Buyanov, has confirmed it during one of the last TarkovTV Live broadcasts on Twitch. The expansion has been confirmed to be releasing in 2020; however, no screenshots have been shared – until today. On Nikita’s Instagram account he shared this single image. Our first look at the new expansion coming to the Woods Map.

First Look At The New Expansion To The Woods Map
Source: Instagram

The Russian text roughly translates to “Learned?”, “Old?” and “Agree?” according to Google Translate. Perhaps Nikita is asking us if we’ve figured out or “Learned” what the image is of. Also, if it’s sarcastically hinting if this is an “Old” part of the map. And finally, he’s cutting to the chase and asking players if they “Agree” with what’s being developed.

Are We Sure It Is Woods?

We are 99% sure that the image Nikita shared is of the Woods expansion. The buildings are new and not in game currently so it’s definitely a new section of a map. In the horizon of the shared image you can see two towers and a smoke stack to the left of them. These structures can be found in Woods today towards the Factory Gate extract. If you look into the horizon you will get a closer look at these same structures.

Where Will The Expansion Be Located?

Battlestate Games have mentioned in the past that the Woods map will be expanded behind the “Spine” mountains located in the center of the map. The map will expand in the direction towards the Rock Passage extract. The shared image appears to confirm this. When standing on spine you get a similar view of the towers as in the shared image. However, the angle of the two towers implies that the shared image was taken more to the left. If you were facing the entrance to Rock Passage extract, then this would be to your right.

We do not expect Battlestate Games to simply remove mountains and drastically change the landscape to access the new area. The expansion needs to make sense as we’ve seen with the recent expansions in Reserve and Customs. Walking in the direction we believe the image was taken we came across some rubble that leads to a lower section of the mountain. By investigating this rubble we found a gap in the mountain range that leads off the map. It’s currently blocked by an invisible wall. We believe this rubble will be cleared and replaced with a path that leads to the camp we see in the shared image. The path is clearly visible in the picture. In addition, this angle is also in the correct position to align the towers in the background as seen in the preview.

What Can We Expect From The Expansion?

Nikita has shared in the past that the Woods expansion will increase the size of the map by 50% – 100%. The scav boss, Schturman, will have a camp somewhere that he will spawn at. Perhaps we will be able to access another Schturman Common Fund Stash since he likes to hide his valuables in them. We are also expecting new underground bunkers like ZB-014 and ZB-016, but much bigger and interconnected. Old Terragroup military or research facilities hidden in the landscape. Anyone smelling a new LEDX spawn?

When Will The Woods Expansion Be Released?

The target for the Woods expansion is 2020. Battlestate Games recently confirmed that is still the case during a Russian podcast with Nikita. However, concerns were expressed that the team is tackling many issues that have pushed timelines back. Since it is already the middle of November that leaves only a month left for the expansion to release. Perhaps it will arrive close to Christmas accompanied by a holiday discount to the game. We will just have to wait and see.

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