Gear Spawning In Loot Containers

Update 12.8 brought along new content and many changes to the game including loot spawns. One welcome change was updating the loot tables for loot containers in the game. Now, gear such as armor and helmets have begun spawning in loot containers such as Weapon Boxes and Wooden Crates.

 - PC blocks now spawn ssd and sas drives, various big containers – various equipment – vests, backpacks etc. (in addition to existing loot)

Armor has always suffered from extremely limited loot spawn locations in the game making them difficult to find. You either brought it in yourself or took it off a dead PMC or scav with only the latter having the Found In Raid status. This update will make armor available for all players by increasing your odds of finding them in raid. Now, you can find all sorts of armor in containers from helmets to full Class 5 armor vests.

We have been compiling reports of some of the items found in containers and will continue to update this post. Find something great in a container? Take a screenshot and send it over to us using our Contact Form. We’d love to see it!

Weapon Box (5×2)

Weapon Box (5×3)

Weapon Box (4×4)

Duffle Bag

Wooden Crate


This article was written during Escape From Tarkov version

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