Escape From Tarkov | Hideout Crafts

Below is a table with all of the Hideout Crafts available in Escape From Tarkov. You can can filter the recipes by module or sort by the highest value. The value displayed is the Flea Market price (updated daily) of the crafted item for you to determine if it is worth it.

Escape From Tarkov | Hideout Crafts And Values

ModulesLevelComponentsProduced ItemItem Value
Booze Generator1A Pack Of Sugar x2
Purified Water
"Fierce Hatchling" moonshine315,000
Intelligence Center2Broken GPhone x1
Broken GPhone X x1
SSD Drive x1
Secure Flash Drive x3147,000
Intelligence Center2Military Circuit Board x2
Capacitors x5
Virtex programmable processor250,000
Intelligence Center2Broken GPhone X
Military Circuit Board
Military COFDM wireless Signal Transmitter87,777
Intelligence Center2RAM x3
SSD Drive x1
Broken GPhone x1
VPX Flash Storage Module x2419,998
Intelligence Center2TerraGroup Labs access keycard x1
Signal Jammer x2
UHF RFID Reader490,000
Intelligence Center2Printed Circuit Board x8
CPU Fan x2
VPX Flash Storage Module x1
Graphics Card1,379,420
Intelligence Center2UHF RHID Reader x1
Secure Flash Drive x3
VPX Flash Storage Module x1
Object 21WS keycard x1
Object 11SR keycard2,400,000
Intelligence Center3Secure Flash Drive x3
Printer Paper x1
Folder With Intelligence375,000
Intelligence Center3UHF RFID Reader x1
TerraGroup Labs access keycard x12
Lab. Yellow keycard x3
Folder with intelligence x7
Magnet x3
Lab. Violet keycard6,898,000
Lavatory1GP-5 gasmaskAir filter for gas mask40,420
Lavatory1Aseptic bandage x5
Bottle Of Vodka Tarkovskaya x1
Army Bandage x1022,180
Lavatory1Printer Paper x1Toilet Paper x29,000
Lavatory1Fleece Cloth x1Aseptic Bandage x611,664
Lavatory1PACA Soft Armor x1Aramid Fiber Cloth x230,000
Lavatory1Security Vest x3Polyamide fabric Cordura19,000
Lavatory1Scav Vest x3Ripstop cloth x243,000
Lavatory1Tactical Sling Bag x4Polyamide fabric Cordura19,000
Lavatory1MF-UNTAR Armor Vest x1
Metal Cutting Scissors x1
Immobilizing splint (alu) x228,222
Lavatory1Fleece Cloth x1
0.6L water bottle x1
Flyye MBSS Backpack x1
Scav Backpack x249,998
Lavatory1Tac-Kek Fast MT Helmet (non-ballistic replica) x2
Duct tape x1
Aramid fiber cloth x2
LZSh light helmet x129,000
Lavatory1Aramid Fiber Cloth x3
Ripstop Cloth x2
PACA Soft Armor30,000
Lavatory2Soap x1
0.6L Water Bottle x1
Schaman Shampoo x232,000
Lavatory2Soap x1
Heat-exchange Alkali Surface Washer x1
Sodium Bicarbonate x1
Ox Bleach x545,000
Lavatory2Bottle Of Vodka Tarkovskaya x1
Schaman Shampoo x1
Clin wiper8,999
Lavatory2UX PRO Beanie x4Fleece Cloth6,000
Lavatory2Polyamide fabric Cordura x1
Ripstop Cloth x1
Splav Tarzan M22 Rig15,000
Lavatory2Aramid Fiber Cloth x2
Ripstop Cloth x2
Module-3M Bodyarmor13,499
Lavatory2Splav Tarzan M22 Rig x1
Ripstop Cloth x1
Polyamide Fabric Cordura x1
Blackrock Chest Rig44,900
Lavatory2Zibbo Lighter x10
Crickent Lighter x10
Expeditionary Fuel Tank170,000
Lavatory2Duct Tape x2
Insulating Tape x2
Clin Wiper x1
KEKTAPE duct tape20,000
Lavatory230-round 6L23 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 x4
KEKTAPE Duct Tape x1
60-round 6L31 5.45x39 magazine for AK-7419,000
Lavatory2WD-40 400ml x1
Metal cutting scissors x1
WD-40 100ml. x216,840
Lavatory2Silicone Tube x1
Wires x3
Insulating Tape x3
Corrugated Hose x239,998
Lavatory2Duffle Bag x5
Crickent Lighter x1
Bars A-2607 - 95x18 x1
Wires x3
Lavatory2Expeditionary Fuel Tank x2
Metal Cutting Scissors x1
Bolts x3
Screw nut x3
Magazine Case410,666
Lavatory2Air filter for gas mask x4
Metal Cutting Scissors x1
Printer Paper x1
Water Filter173,000
Lavatory2Magazine Case x3
Metal Cutting Scissors x1
Bolts x6
KEKTAPE duct tape x3
Lucky Scav Junkbox1,503,399
Lavatory2Metal Fuel Tank x2
Metal Cutting Scissors x1
Screw Nut x5
Bolts x5
Wrench x1
Grenade Case316,000
Lavatory2Triton M43-A Chest Harness x2
KEKTAPE duct tape x1
Ox Bleach x1
Velocity Systems Multi-Purpose Patrol Vest x299,980
Lavatory2Polyamide fabric Cordura x1
Construction measuring tape x1
LK 3F Transfer tourist backpack x4
Pilgrim Tourist Backpack39,069
Lavatory3Army Bag x4
Paracord x1
Ripstop Cloth x2
Leatherman Multitool x1
6SH118 Raid Backpack246,999
Lavatory3Air filter for gas mask x2
Water Filter x2
A set of tools x1
FP-100 filter absorber468,899
Medstation1Pile Of Meds x1AI-2 Medkit x312,000
Medstation1Hydrogen Peroxide x2
Pile of Meds x2
CALOK-B Hemostatic x222,222
Medstation1Analgin Painkillers x2
Aseptic Bandage x2
CALOK-B Hemostatic x1
Esmarch Tourniquet x2
Salewa First Aid Kit28,999
Medstation2Silicone Tube x1
Disposable Syringe x2
Medical Bloodset8,000
Medstation2AI-2 medkit x1
Aseptic Bandage x1
Augmentin Antibiotic Pills x1
Pile of Meds x349,995
Medstation2Pile of meds x2
Army Bandage x2
Esmarch Tourniquet x1
IFAK personal tactical first aid kit x228,888
Medstation2Adrenaline Injector x1
AI-2 Medkit x2
Pile Of Meds x2
Antidote xTG-1237,000
Medstation2Pile Of Meds x1
Analgin Painkillers x1
Disposable Syringe x1
Morphine Injector10,000
Medstation2Pile of Meds x7
Saline Solution x2
Propital x3
Morphine Injector x1
Combat Stimulant Injector SJ1 TGLabs x5251,110
Medstation2Hemostatic Drug Zagustin x1
Morphine Injector x1
Max Energy x2
Pile Of Meds x2
M.U.L.E. stimulator74,000
Medstation2Magnet x2
Wires x3
Capacitors x4
Powerbank x1
Portable Defibrillator199,999
Medstation3Soap x3
Schaman Shampoo x2
Pile of Meds x1
Vaseline x2
Medstation3Pile Of Meds x8Grizzly First Aid Kit x264,000
Medstation3Pile of Meds x6
A Set Of Tools x1
Esmarch Tourniquet x1
Surv12 Field Surgical Kit x280,000
Medstation3Combat stimulant injector SJ1 TGLabs x1
Pile of Meds x2
Saline Solution x1
Combat Stimulant Injector SJ6 TGLabs x2140,000
Medstation3Ibuprofen painkillers x1
Golden Star Balm x1
Pile Of Meds x2
Propital x7151,662
Medstation3Ophthalmoscope x2
Magnet x3
UHF RFID Reader x3
Powerbank x3
Portable Defibrillator x2
LEDX Skin Transilluminator790,000
Nutrition Unit1Army Crackers x2
Can of beef stew x1
Squash Spread x1
Iskra Lunch Box x234,698
Nutrition Unit10.6L Water Bottle x2
Emelya Rye Croutons x4
Premium Kvass "Norvinskiy Yadreniy" 0.6L bottle x237,998
Nutrition Unit1Can of delicious beef stew x1
Squash Spread x1
Rye Croutons x1
Can of Beef Stew x226,000
Nutrition Unit1TarCola x1
Coffee Majaica x1
0.6L water Bottle x1
Max Energy x444,700
Nutrition Unit2Alyonka Chocolate Bar x1
Pack of Oat Flakes x1
Army Crackers x1
Slickers Bar x770,000
Nutrition Unit2Pack of sugar x1
Pack of milk x1
Condensed Milk x344,958
Nutrition Unit2Alyonka Chocolate Bar x2Pack of sugar85,000
Nutrition Unit2Apollon Soyuz cigarettes x1
42nd Signature Blend English Tea x1
Wilston Cigarettes x524,000
Nutrition Unit3"Fierce Hatchling" moonshine x1
0.6L water bottle x5
Bottle of Vodka Tarkovskaya x10250,000
Nutrition Unit30.6L water bottle x2
Bottle of vodka Tarkovskaya x2
Alyonka Chocolate Bar x1
42nd Signature Blend English Tea x1
Bottle of Dan Jackiel Whiskey x3138,000
Nutrition Unit3Purified Water x1
Silicone Tube x1
Water Bottle with a filter Aquamari x8100,000
Nutrition Unit3Purified Water x1
Pack of sugar x1
Coffee Majaica x1
42nd Signature Blend English Tea x1
Hot Rod x20139,960
Water Collector3Water Filter x1Purified Water113,113
Workbench1Working LCD x4
Screwdriver x1
Broken LCD x428,000
Workbench1Flat Screwdriver x1
DVD Drive x1
Printed Circuit Board x264,000
Workbench1T-Shaped Plug x2
Wires x2
Insulating Tape x1
Powercord x228,622
Workbench1Gunpowder "Kite" x1
Gunpowder "Eagle" x1
Classic Matches x1
Gunpowder "Hawk" x2146,000
Workbench1Damaged Hard Drive x1Magnet13,800
Workbench1Gas Analyzer x1
Screwdriver x1
Printed Circuit Board x264,000
Workbench1A pack of nails x1
Powercord x1
T-Shaped Plug3,900
Workbench140 mm VOG-25 x5
UZRGM grenade fuze x5
VOG-25 Khattabka grenade x8222,216
Workbench1Vepr AKM / VPO-209 366TKM carbine x1Weapon Parts x219,000
Workbench1Weapon Parts x1
Wooden AK-74 handguard (6P20 Sb.6) x1
Izhmash wooden AK-74 stock (6P20 Sb.5) x1
AK-74N 5.45x39 assault rifle22,999
Workbench1Vepr KM / VPO-136 7.62x39 carbine x1
Leatherman Multitool x1
Izhmash 7.62x39 AKM muzzlebrake x1
AKM 7.62x39 assault rifle34,777
Workbench15.45x39 mm PS x70Gunpowder "Kite"22,222
Workbench1Gunpowder "Kite" x1
Classic Matches x1
12/70 8.5 mm "Magnum" Buckshot x12042,000
Workbench1Gunpowder "Kite" x19x18 PM mm RG028 gzh x14014,000
Workbench1Powercord x2Wires x879,992
Workbench1Power Supply Unit x1
Screwdriver x1
Capacitors x887,192
Workbench1Broken GPhone X x1
Broken LCD x1
Long Flat Screwdriver x1
Broken GPhone1,110
Workbench2Screw nut x1
Bolts x1
SurvL Survivor Lighter x1
Pliers x1
Spark Plug6,750
Workbench2Flat screwdriver x1
Powerbank x1
Rechargeable Battery x218,000
Workbench2UZRGM grenade fuze x5
Gunpowder "Kite" x1
RDG-2B Smoke Grenade x1
Zarya Stun Grenade x529,995
Workbench2Electric Drill x2
Flat Screwdriver x1
Screwdriver x1
Electric Motor45,419
Workbench2Weapon Parts x1
Polymer AK-74 foregrip (6P20 Sb.9)
Polymer stock for AK-74M (6P34 Sb.15)
AK-74M 5.45x39 assault rifle18,999
Workbench2Gas Analyzer x1
Wires x1
Capacitors x1
AA Battery x1
Geiger-Muller Counter9,000
Workbench29x39 mm SP-6 x50
7.62x39 mm PS x100
.366 AP x10066,000
Workbench2M67 Hand Grenade x2
RDG-2B Smoke Grenade x1
Gunpowder "Eagle"74,888
Workbench2OFZ 30x160mm shell x1
Gunpowder "Kite" x2
Gunpowder "Hawk" x2146,000
Workbench2Gunpowder "Hawk" x17.62x54R SNB x8032,000
Workbench2Metal Fuel Tank x1
Gunpowder "Kite" x1
12/70 Flechette x12017,880
Workbench2Gunpowder "Kite" x2
9x18 mm PM Pst gzh x200
9x18 mm PM PBM x200113,000
Workbench2Technical documentation x1
Weapon Parts x1
Gunpowder "Kite" x1
12/70 HP Slug "SuperFormance" x12018,000
Workbench2Printed Circuit Board x6
Capacitors x5
RAM x2
Military Circuit Board48,900
Workbench2WIFI Camera x1
Piece of Plexiglas x1
NIXXOR Lens x212,000
Workbench26-STEN-140-M Military Battery x1
Leatherman Multitool x1
Car Battery x5200,000
Workbench25.45x39 mm PS x200
Bolts x2
5.45x39 mm PP x48037,440
Workbench29x19 mm Pst gzh x200
Gunpowder "Hawk" x2
9x19 mm AP 6.3 x200236,000
Workbench27.62x39 mm HP x120
Gunpowder "Eagle" x2
Xenomorph Sealing Foam x2
9x39 mm SP-6 x400220,000
Workbench25.56x45 mm M855 x180
Gunpowder "Hawk" x2
5.56x45 mm M856A1 x360261,000
Workbench2NIXXOR lens x3
Military thermal vision module Iridium x2
Virtex programmable processor x1
SAS Drive x2
Powerbank x1
FLIR RS-32 2.25-9x 35mm 60Hz thermal riflescope557,999
Workbench3OFZ 30x160mm shell x1RGD-5 hand grenade x10108,880
Workbench3Gunpowder "Hawk" x1
Wires x4
9x19 mm RIP x180107,820
Workbench3Gunpowder "Hawk" x1
Damaged Hard Drive x2
12/70 AP-20 Slug x120118,800
Workbench3Gunpowder "Eagle" x1
SurvL Survivor Lighter x5
Gunpowder "Kite" x1
Zarya Stun Grenade x1
23x75mm "Star" x7177,793
Workbench3Gunpowder "Kite" x4
Gunpowder "Eagle" x2
5.56x45 mm Warmage x400119,600
Workbench39x21 mm SP13 x150
Gunpowder "Kite" x1
Leatherman Multitool x1
9x39 mm 7N9 SPP x200190,000
Workbench3Gunpowder "Eagle" x2
Gunpowder "Kite" x1
7.62x39 mm BP x260311,740
Workbench3Military Power Filter x2
Gunpowder "Hawk" x2
9x39 mm 7N12 BP x160282,560
Workbench3Gunpowder "Hawk" x6
Radiator Helix x2
7.62x51 mm M61 x300570,000
Workbench3Gunpowder "Eagle" x2
OFZ 30x160mm shell x2
5.56x45 mm M995 x300749,100
Workbench3Gunpowder "Kite" x2
Gunpowder "Eagle" x2
Gunpowder "Hawk" x2
5.45x39 mm 7N39 "Igolnik" x260361,400
Workbench3Bronze Lion x1
RDG-2B Smoke Grenade x5
Gunpowder "Hawk" x2
Gunpowder "Eagle" x1
OFZ 30x160mm Shell x2395,554
Workbench3Gunpowder "Eagle" x3
Gunpowder "Kite" x4
9x19 mm Pst gzh x300
Pack of nails x4
9x19 mm 7N31 x300660,000

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