High Value Loot Items | Customs (Oct. 9)

With a recent expansion to the map, Customs offers many opportunities for PMCs to fill their bags with loot. Players often search the caches around the map, explore the new construction area for intel and weapon parts or run for the marked room in Dorms. There are many items worth looting on the map, but it is valuable knowing what items are selling for the most on the flea market to prioritize should you come across one.

The purpose of this list is to highlight the most valuable S tier loot items that spawn on the map if sold on the Flea Market. It does not include items that can spawn in loot containers as these are consistent across all maps. Values shown are per slot.

We had to include the Marked Loot locations in Customs on this list because the loot found here are loose and not stored in containers. And the loot that can spawn here does include the most valuable items in the game so it will hold the top spot.

ItemFlea MarketTraderLocation

Marked Loot
Millions of ₽ – Dorms : Three Story
– Old Gas Station

Key to Goshan cash register
186,028 ₽84,000 ₽ – Bus By New Gas Station

Physical Bitcoin
146,881 ₽159,445 ₽ – New Gas Station Office

Graphics Card
116,271 ₽118,800 ₽– Big Red Warehouse

Key to OLI logistics department office
103,136 ₽42,000 ₽ – Blue Car By Shortcut

Folder With Intelligence
80,756 ₽17,400 ₽ – Big Red Warehouse
– Methhouse

77,284 ₽2,093 ₽ – Construction
– New Gas Station

RB-ORB3 key
75,178 ₽46,200 ₽ – Humvee Truck By Bridge

RB-MP11 key
67,160 ₽45,600 ₽ – Big Red Warehouse Office

Military base checkpoint key
61,418 ₽51,578 ₽ – Morgue By Dead Scav

More information on the loot available on Customs can be found here.

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