How To Farm The Secure Flash Drive On Woods

It seems unlikely, but the Woods map is home to a Secure Flash Drive spawn location. This spot is popular during the start of wipe as players farm for Flash Drives to complete their quests. They will also sell very well reaching upwards of 100,000 roubles. Learn how to farm the secure flash drive on the Woods map with this guide.

Secure Flash Drive

Secure Flash Drive

The Secure Flash Drive is an Electronic – Barter Item. It can be found sticking out of PC Blocks, as loose loot at select locations or crafted at your Hideout. They are prized because five Secure Flash Drives need to be Found In Raid for quests given by Skier and Jaeger. You will also need three more to upgrade the Intelligence Station of your Hideout to Level 2. They can also be sold to Peacekeeper for $316 which converts to about 38,236 roubles. As a 1 inventory slot item this makes the Secure Flash Drive worthwhile to find.

Where It Spawns

The Secure Flash Drive can be found at the East Campsite on Woods. This is located on the hill between the Lumber Yard and the Attachment Shack. Use our interactive Woods Loot Map to find the exact location by selecting Locations -> East Campsite in the menu. Locate the campsite and look for the entrance to the tent. You will find a jacket right at the entrance. The secure flash drive can be found resting right on top of the jacket.

Other Spawns

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