How To Farm The Violet Keycard

Learn Where The Violet Keycard Spawns

The most valuable loose loot item that spawns on the Woods map is the Violet Keycard. This guide will show you how to farm the violet keycard and why you would want to.

What Is The Violet Keycard?

The Violet Keycard is a key used on the Labs map. The key opens a server room with multiple large Weapon Boxes, high value electronic spawns, modded weapon and weapon part spawns. The keycard sells to traders for 456,000 ₽. If you manage to make it out alive, then you can sell it on the Flea Market for 12 million Roubles.

Where Does It Spawn?

The Violet Keycard has three spawn locations on the Woods Map.

Violet Keycard Spawns

Desk On The Lumber Shack

Keycard Spawn On Desk
Keycard Spawns In The Desk Lamp’s Light

The keycard spawns right on the desk where the desk light is pointing. This is inside the small shack in the lumber yard near the water.

Checkpoint SUV

Look for the vehicle at the military checkpoint. Open the driver’s side door and the keycard will spawn on the seat. You can’t miss it as the purple color of the keycard will stand out.

SUV In Lumber Yard

A black SUV is located near the large workshop in the lumber yard. Its trunk will be open. Look inside the back of the car and the keycard will spawn on the right side. Just watch out for the scav boss! Shturman likes to spawn by this vehicle.

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