Complete Guide To Key Spawns On The Factory Map

The following keys will spawn on the Factory map at the indicated locations. Spawn rates will vary from common to extremely rare. Since spawn locations can be hard to find, use our interactive map to locate the exact position of a key. Or click on the key name in the below table for a detailed walkthrough on how to locate the key. This guide will go over every key spawn location that can be found on the Factory map in Escape From Tarkov.

ImageKeyMap UsedLocationTrader Value
Door Key1. Door keyFactoryShowers3,162 ₽
Power Utility Key Icon2. Key To Utility Room Of Power SubstationInterchangeLockers By Forklift6,000 ₽
Cabinet-key-Icon3. Portable Cabin Key Of Customs Factory ZoneCustomsLocked Office2,014 ₽
WestWing306KeyIcon4. West Wing Room 306 KeyShorelineShowers22,932 ₽

Guide To Key Spawn Locations On Factory Map In Escape From Tarkov

1. Door key

Door Key Spawn Location
Door Key Spawns On Bench

The Door Key is located in the showers on a bench between a helmet and a crumpled up jacket. Start by heading to the Showers located on the second floor of Factory. Then, locate the bench in the middle of the room towards the sinks. You will find the key resting on a wooden bench.

The Door Key is used to unlock the Pumping Station found on the Factory map. This location is recommended by Therapist to find Gas Analyzers for her Sanitary Standards – Part 1 quest; however, we strongly advise against it as the Gas Analyzer has a very low spawn rate inside the room. The key can be sold to Therapist for 3,163 Roubles.

2. Key to utility room of power substation

Key To Utility Room of Power Station Spawn
Key Found In Locker

The Key to the utility room of power substation can be found in an open blue locker located near the unnamed gate where players can spawn. It is in a room with two carts and two forklifts.

This key is used on the Interchange map to access a locked trailer found by the power station. The trailer contains a Wooden Crate and a Weapon Box (5×2) loot container. Additionally, there is a MP-153 shotgun spawn location in the center of the room. The key can be sold to Therapist for 6,000 Roubles.

3. Portable cabin key of customs Factory zone

Factory Jacket
Key Spawns Below Jacket

The Portable cabin key of customs Factory zone spawns behind the locked office located on the third floor of Factory. Firstly, to access this office you will need the Factory Exit Key to unlock the door. Then, locate a jacket hanging in the room by the door. The key spawns on the floor below the jacket as if it fell out of a pocket.

This key is used on the Customs map and is required for the Bad Rep Evidence quest. You use the key to unlock a trailer office located in the center of the map near the Old Construction site. Once inside the trailer you will find a Weapon Box (5×2), loose loot and the Secure Case for documents 0031 item for the quest (if active). Afterwards, you can sell the key to Therapist for 2,014 Roubles.

4. West wing room 306 key

West Room 306 Key Spawn Location
West Room 306 Key Spawns In Locker

The West Wing Room 306 key will spawn in an open locker located in the Showers along the row nearest to the door. Since the key is bright red it will be easy to see once you are in the area.

Alternatively, this key is also granted as a quest reward for completing the Private Clinic quest. The key is used on the Shoreline map and is required for the Health Care Privacy – Part 2 quest for Therapist. The locked room can be found on the third-floor of Resort on the West Wing. Inside the room are two dead scav loot containers, loose loot and a Colt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle spawn location. This key can be sold to Therapist for 22,932 Roubles making it the most valuable key that spawns in Factory.

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