Dead Scav

Dead Scav Loot Container

The Dead Scav is a 4×4 lootable container in Escape From Tarkov that holds a wide array of items.

Container Summary

SizeAverage Number ItemsMost Common ItemMost Common Category
4×42.42Crickent lighterAmmo – Rounds

Number Of Containers Found By Map


Loot Pool Item Categories

Item CategorySpawn Rate
Ammo - Rounds16.84%
Barter Item - Other15.79%
Barter Item - Flammable Material13.68%
Barter Item - Electronic10.53%
Barter Item - Building Material10.53%
Provision - Food4.21%
Barter Item - Tool3.16%
Weapon - SMG2.11%
Provision - Drink2.11%
Medical Treatment - Medkit2.11%
Medical Treatment - Injury Treatment2.11%
Info Item - Info Item2.11%
Gear - Headwear2.11%
Gear - Gear Component2.11%
Gear - Facecovers2.11%
Barter Item - Household Material2.11%
Weapon - Pistol1.05%
Money - Money1.05%
Gear - Visor1.05%
Gear - Armor Vest1.05%
Barter Item - Valuable1.05%
Barter Item - Medical Supply1.05%

Item Spawn Rates

ItemSpawn Rate
Crickent lighter6.32%
Apollon Soyuz cigarettes5.26%
Screw nut4.21%
T-Shaped Plug3.16%
Malboro Cigarettes3.16%
Duct Tape3.16%
Damaged hard drive3.16%
Classic Matches3.16%
Weapon parts2.11%
PP-9 Klin 9x18PMM SMG2.11%
Gunpowder "Kite"2.11%
Fuel conditioner2.11%
AI-2 medikit2.11%
5.45x39 mm T2.11%
4.6x30mm FMJ SX2.11%
Xenomorph sealing foam1.05%
UZRGM grenade fuze1.05%
Tactical glasses1.05%
Squash spread1.05%
Slim diary1.05%
Secure Flash Drive1.05%
Ripstop cloth1.05%
Premium Kvass "Norvinskiy Yadreniy" 0.6L bottle1.05%
Pompon hat1.05%
Polyamide fabric Cordura1.05%
Pile of meds1.05%
Piece of plexiglas1.05%
PC CPU1.05%
NIXXOR lens1.05%
Module-3M bodyarmor (40/40)1.05%
Light bulb1.05%
K1S Visor1.05%
Immobilizing splint1.05%
Hot Rod1.05%
Fleece cloth1.05%
Construction measuring tape1.05%
Can of green peas1.05%
Can of Dr. Lupo's coffee beans1.05%
Can of delicious beef stew1.05%
Caiman Fixed Arm Visor1.05%
Broken LCD1.05%
Beretta M9A3 9x19 pistol1.05%
Aseptic bandage1.05%
Army Crackers1.05%
A Pack of screws1.05%
9x21 mm SP131.05%
9x21 mm SP121.05%
9x21 mm SP101.05%
7.62x51 mm M801.05%
7.62x51 mm BPZ FMJ1.05%
7.62x39 mm PS1.05%
5.56x45 mm M8561.05%
5.56x45 mm M8551.05%
5.45x39 mm PS1.05%
5.45x39 mm HP1.05%
.366 TKM FMJ1.05%
.338 Lapua Magnum TAC-X1.05%

The Dead Scav on Customs by RUAF Checkpoint will always spawn with an Unknown Key.

All statistics for Dead Scav compiled from live raids searched in Escape From Tarkov. Battlestate Games will change the spawn rates for items often. As a result, these figures only serve as a general limited view of the loot table and does not guarantee for any particular item spawn chance.

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