The Drawer is a 2×2 lootable container in Escape From Tarkov that primarily holds Keys, Barter Items and Money.

Container Summary

SizeAverage Number ItemsMost Common ItemMost Common Category
2×21.59Crickent lighterBarter Item – Electronic

Number Of Containers Found By Map


Loot Pool Item Categories

Item CategorySpawn Rate
Barter Item - Electronic28.69%
Barter Item - Flammable Material26.23%
Barter Item - Building Material15.57%
Info Item - Info Item7.38%
Key - Mechanical Key6.56%
Barter Item - Energy Element6.56%
Money - Money4.92%
Barter Item - Tool4.10%

Item Spawn Rates

ItemSpawn Rate
Crickent lighter11.48%
Classic Matches9.84%
T-Shaped Plug7.38%
Duct Tape7.38%
Insulating tape6.56%
Zibbo lighter4.92%
Energy-saving lamp4.92%
Construction measuring tape4.10%
Broken LCD3.28%
USB Adapter2.46%
Rechargeable battery2.46%
Broken GPhone2.46%
AA Battery2.46%
Technical documentation1.64%
SAS drive1.64%
KEKTAPE duct tape1.64%
Dorm room 218 Key1.64%
Damaged Hard Drive1.64%
D Size Battery1.64%
Customs office key1.64%
Working LCD0.82%
Ultraviolet lamp0.82%
The key to the gas station storage room0.82%
SSD drive0.82%
Spark Plug0.82%
Slim diary0.82%
Secure Flash drive0.82%
NIXXOR lens0.82%
Light Bulb0.82%
Gas Analyzer0.82%
Dorm room 308 Key0.82%
Dorm room 203 Key0.82%
Dorm room 105 Key0.82%
Broken GPhone X0.82%

All statistics for Drawer compiled from live raids searched in Escape From Tarkov. Battlestate Games will change the spawn rates for items often. As a result, these figures only serve as a general limited view of the loot table and does not guarantee for any particular item spawn chance.

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