Jacket is a 2×2 lootable container in Escape From Tarkov that primarily holds Keys, Barter Items and Money.

Container Summary

SizeAverage Number ItemsMost Common ItemMost Common Category
2×21.44RoublesKey – Mechanical Key

Number Of Containers Found By Map


Loot Pool Item Categories

Item CategorySpawn Rate
Key - Mechanical Key30.18%
Barter Item - Building Material14.86%
Barter Item - Other13.51%
Barter Item - Flammable Material13.06%
Money - Money9.01%
Provision - Food3.60%
Gear - Facecovers3.60%
Barter Item - Electronic3.60%
Barter Item - Energy Element2.70%
Barter Item - Tool2.25%
Weapon Part - Magazine0.90%
Provision - Drink0.90%
Barter Item - Valuable0.90%
Weapon - Pistol0.45%
Medical Treatment - Pills0.45%

Item Spawn Rates

ItemSpawn Rate
Apollon Soyuz cigarettes6.76%
Crickent lighter5.41%
Screw nut4.05%
Classic Matches3.60%
Insulating Tape3.15%
Zibbo Lighter2.70%
Malboro Cigarettes2.70%
Energy-saving lamp2.70%
Duct tape2.70%
Strike Cigarettes2.25%
Dorm room 306 Key2.25%
Yotota car key1.80%
Wilston cigarettes1.80%
Slickers bar1.80%
Dorm room 214 Key1.80%
Dorm guard desk key1.80%
AA Battery1.80%
The key to the gas station storage room1.35%
Machinery key1.35%
Hunter matches1.35%
Dorm room 206 Key1.35%
Door key1.35%
VAZ key0.90%
TT-105 7.62x25 TT Magazine0.90%
Portable cabin key0.90%
Key ZB-0140.90%
Key to pharmacy0.90%
Ghost balaclava0.90%
Dorm room 308 Key0.90%
Dorm room 118 Key0.90%
Dorm room 114 Key0.90%
Door key (alternative)0.90%
D Size Battery0.90%
Alyonka chocolate bar0.90%
A pack of screws0.90%
West wing room 325 key0.45%
West wing room 306 key0.45%
West wing room 303 key0.45%
West wing room 301 key0.45%
West wing room 222 key0.45%
West wing room 207 key0.45%
Ultraviolet lamp0.45%
TT pistol 7.62x25 TT0.45%
Silicone tube0.45%
Rye croutons0.45%
RB-BK key0.45%
RB-AM key0.45%
Office 112 West wing key0.45%
Momex balaclava0.45%
Key to OLI administrator office0.45%
Key to EMERCOM medical unit0.45%
Hot Rod0.45%
GP coin0.45%
Factory Exit Key0.45%
Emelya rye croutons0.45%
East wing room 328 key0.45%
East wing room 222 key0.45%
Dorm room 218 Key0.45%
Dorm room 203 Key0.45%
Dorm room 110 Key0.45%
Dorm room 108 Key0.45%
Dorm room 105 Key0.45%
Customs office key0.45%
Cottage safe key0.45%
Construction measuring tape0.45%
Cold Fear Infrared balaclava0.45%
Cabinet key0.45%
Broken GPhone X0.45%
Analgin painkillers0.45%
A set of tools0.45%
A pack of nails0.45%

All statistics for Jacket compiled from live raids searched in Escape From Tarkov. Battlestate Games will change the spawn rates for items often. As a result, these figures only serve as a general limited view of the loot table and does not guarantee for any particular item spawn chance.

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