The Safe is a 3×3 lootable container in Escape From Tarkov that primarily holds Money and Valuables.

Container Summary

SizeAverage Number ItemsMost Common ItemMost Common Category
3×33.39RoublesMoney – Money

Number Of Containers Found By Map


Loot Pool Item Categories

Item CategorySpawn Rate
Money - Money62.30%
Barter Item - Valuable21.31%
Info Item - Info Item14.75%
Barter Item - Other1.64%

Item Spawn Rates

ItemSpawn Rate
Slim diary4.92%
Physical Bitcoin4.92%
Horse figurine4.92%
Secure Flash Drive3.28%
Antique vase3.28%
Wooden clock1.64%
Veritas guitar pick1.64%
Silver Badge1.64%
GP coin1.64%
Christmas tree decoration ball (silver)1.64%
Battered antique Book1.64%

All statistics for Safe compiled from live raids searched in Escape From Tarkov. Battlestate Games will change the spawn rates for items often. As a result, these figures only serve as a general limited view of the loot table and does not guarantee for any particular item spawn chance.

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