Wooden Crate

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The Wooden Crate is a 5×2 lootable container in Escape From Tarkov that primarily holds Weapon Parts, Ammo and Gear.

Container Summary

SizeAverage Number ItemsMost Common ItemMost Common Category
5×21.58Army BandageAmmo – Rounds

Number Of Containers Found By Map


Loot Pool Item Categories

Item CategorySpawn Rate
Ammo - Rounds15.00%
Weapon Part - Muzzle Device - Flashhider & Break8.85%
Gear - Headwear8.85%
Weapon Part - Muzzle Device - Suppressor6.92%
Weapon Part - Muzzle Device - Muzzle Adapter5.77%
Weapon Part - Magazine5.38%
Medical Treatment - Injury Treatment5.00%
Weapon Part - Sights - Collimator4.23%
Weapon Part - Fore Grip4.23%
Provision - Food4.23%
Weapon Part - Light & Laser Device - Tactical Combo Device3.85%
Weapon - Assault Rifle3.46%
Weapon Part - Sights - Iron Sight3.08%
Weapon Part - Sights - Assault Scope1.92%
Weapon Part - Auxiliary Part1.92%
Weapon Part - Sights - Optics1.54%
Weapon Part - Mount1.54%
Weapon - SMG1.54%
Weapon - Pistol1.54%
Medical Treatment - Medkit1.54%
Weapon Part - Sights - Special Sights1.15%
Weapon Part - Handguard1.15%
Weapon - Throwable1.15%
Gear - Headset1.15%
Weapon Part - Stock & Chassis0.77%
Provision - Drink0.77%
Ammo - Ammo Box0.77%
Weapon Part - Receiver & Slide0.38%
Weapon Part - Light & Laser Device - Flashlight0.38%
Weapon Part - Gas Block0.38%
Weapon Part - Charging Handle0.38%
Gear - Headwear & Helmets0.38%
Gear - Facecovers0.38%
Barter Item - Other0.38%

Item Spawn Rates

ItemSpawn Rate
Army Bandage5.00%
5.45x39 mm PS4.62%
Army Crackers2.69%
GK-02 Muzzle Brake2.31%
Tango Down Stubby BGV-MK46K tactical grip FDE1.92%
5.45x39 mm BT1.92%
PP-9 Klin 9x18PMM SMG1.54%
Iskra lunch box1.54%
Cobra Family Sights Shade1.54%
5.45x39 mm BP1.54%
TT pistol 7.62x25 TT1.15%
Surefire WarComp 5.56x45 Flash hider for AR-151.15%
OKP-7 reflex sight1.15%
MP-443 9x19 18-round magazine1.15%
Kalashnikov AKS-74U 5.45x391.15%
Holosun LS321 Tactical device1.15%
F-1 Hand grenade1.15%
Alpha Dog Alpha 9 9x19 sound suppressor1.15%
6L20 30-round 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatible weapons1.15%
5.56x45 mm 55 FMJ1.15%
Wilcox Skull Lock head mount0.77%
Walker's Razor Digital headset0.77%
USEC baseball cap black0.77%
Tango Down Stubby BGV-MK46K tactical grip FG0.77%
Surefire SOCOM556-MONSTER 5.56x45 silencer0.77%
SOK-12 aluminum handguard MTU002 Short Top0.77%
Russian Army pineapple juice0.77%
Primary Arms Compact prism scope 2.5x0.77%
Kriss Vector .45 ACP Flash hider0.77%
Kolpak-1S riot helmet0.77%
KMZ 1P69 3-10x riflescope0.77%
KAC QDSS NT-4 FDE 5.56x45 silencer0.77%
Holosun HS401G5 reflex sight0.77%
High Standard M4SS Stock0.77%
Cobra EKP-8-02 reflex sight0.77%
BEAR baseball cap0.77%
B-8 Mount0.77%
Annihilator 7.62x39, 5.56x45 and 9mm flash hider for AR-150.77%
AK-74 5.45x39 assault rifle0.77%
9x18 mm PM PMM0.77%
90-93 9x18PM Magazine, for 8 PM rounds0.77%
7.62x54R 7BT10.77%
7.62x39 mm PS0.77%
7.62x39 mm BP0.77%
5.56x45 mm 55 HP0.77%
5.45x39 mm BS0.77%
40 mm VOG-250.77%
10-round Saiga 545 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles0.77%
Zenit-Belomo PSO 1M2-1 4x24 scope0.38%
Zenit-Belomo PSO 1 4x24 scope0.38%
Zenit RP-1 charge handle for AK0.38%
Zenit RK-4 Foregrip0.38%
Zenit DTK-4M muzzle brake0.38%
Zenit B-33 dust cover for AK-740.38%
X400 tactical flashlight0.38%
Witt Machine muzzle brake for Mosin rifle0.38%
Weapon Tuning Mosin rifle tread adapter0.38%
Weapon Parts0.38%
Walther MRS reflex sight0.38%
Venom Antidote muzzle brake & compensator for AK0.38%
UX PRO Beanie0.38%
Ushanka ear-flap cap0.38%
TT-105 7.62x25 TT Magazine0.38%
Truglo TFX Glock rear sight0.38%
Truglo TFX Glock front sight0.38%
Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN 4x32 scope0.38%
Thread protector for Alpha Wolf Glock barrels0.38%
Taktika Tula AK and AKM adapter0.38%
Tacfire Tanker style muzzle brake for Mosin rifle0.38%
Tac-Kek Fast MT Helmet (non-ballistic replica)0.38%
Surefire XC1 tactical flashlight0.38%
Steiner Dbal PL tactical flashlight0.38%
Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM0.38%
Standard 9x18PM 20-round magazine for PP-910.38%
SRVV 5.45x39 AK-74 muzzle brake0.38%
SRVV "Mk.2.0" compensator 7.62x54 for SV-980.38%
SR1MP silencer 9x210.38%
Silencer APB 9x18PM0.38%
SIG Taper-LOK Muzzle Adapter0.38%
Sig Sauer Standard Frontsight0.38%
SIG MPX Flip Up Frontsight0.38%
Sig BRAVO4 4X30 Scope0.38%
SE-5 Express Grip0.38%
Salewa FIRST AID KIT (400/400)0.38%
Rotor 43 9x19 muzzle brake0.38%
Rotor 43 7.62x51 muzzle brake for VPO-1010.38%
Rotor 43 .366TKM muzzle brake0.38%
RFB Thread spacer0.38%
Remington Tactical Choke 12ga0.38%
Rearsight AR-15 Carry Handle0.38%
REAP-IR scope eyecup0.38%
PWS CQB 74 5.45x39 Muzzle brake0.38%
PP-91-01 Kedr-B muzzle thread piece0.38%
PMAG GEN M3 W 30 5.56x45 STANAG 30-round magazine0.38%
Pilad 043-02 Mount0.38%
Peltor Tactical Sport headset0.38%
PBS-4 5.45x39 Silencer0.38%
PBS-1 7.62x39 silencer0.38%
NSPU-M night Scope0.38%
MSA ACH TC-2001 MICH Series Helmet0.38%
Monstrum Compact prism scope 2x320.38%
Molot 7.62x39 Vepr KM / VPO-136 muzzle brake & compensator0.38%
Miltec panama hat0.38%
ME Cylinder muzzle adapter 12 ga0.38%
Makeshift 7.62x25 TT silencer0.38%
Magpul RVG grip black0.38%
Magpul MBUS Gen.2 Rearsight FDE0.38%
Magpul MBUS Gen.2 Rearsight0.38%
Magpul AFG grip FG0.38%
LAS/TAC 2 tactical flashlight0.38%
Lantac Drakon 7.62x39 muzzle brake & compensator for AK0.38%
Kotton beanie0.38%
Kinda cowboy hat0.38%
KAC QD Compensator 5.56x450.38%
JP Enterprises Gas System-60.38%
Izhmash 7.62x39 flash hider for AKML system0.38%
Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA black helmet0.38%
Highcom Striker ACHHC IIIA olive helmet0.38%
Grizzly First Aid Kit (1800/1800)0.38%
Ferfrans "CRD" 5.56x450.38%
Eotech XPS3-2 holographic sight0.38%
Eotech XPS3-0 holographic sight0.38%
Eotech 553 holographic sight0.38%
Direct Thread Mount adapter for Gemtech ONE.0.38%
Desert Tech .308 Flash hider0.38%
Dead Ringer Snake Eye Glock rear sight0.38%
Daniel Defense Wave Muzzle Brake 5.56x450.38%
Daniel Defence Wave QD Sound Suppressor0.38%
Crye Precision Airframe Tan0.38%
Car first aid kit (220/220)0.38%
Bulletec ST-6012 5.56x45 Flash hider for AR-150.38%
Blue beret0.38%
BEAR baseball cap black0.38%
B-12 Mount0.38%
B-11 AKS-74U Handguard0.38%
Armytek Predator Pro v3 XHP35 HI Flashlight0.38%
Armasight NVG mask0.38%
Armasight N-15 Night Vision0.38%
AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular0.38%
AN/PEQ-2 tactical device0.38%
AKS-74N 5.45x39 assault rifle0.38%
AKS-74 5.45x39 assault rifle0.38%
AKMS 7.62x39 assault rifle0.38%
AK-74N 5.45x39 assault rifle0.38%
AI-2 medikit0.38%
ADAR 2-15.56x45 Flashhider0.38%
AAC 762 SDN-6 7.62x51 Sound Suppressor0.38%
8 pcs pack of 9x39 7N12 BP ammo0.38%
7.62x39 mm T45M0.38%
30-round 6L23 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles0.38%
30 pcs. 5.45x39 7N39 ammo pack0.38%
3-prong SIG Flash hider 7.62x510.38%
2U "Kleh" tactical flashlight0.38%
2IRS Klesch flashlight + laser designator0.38%
"Door Kicker" Boonie hat0.38%

All statistics for Wooden Crate compiled from live raids searched in Escape From Tarkov. Battlestate Games will change the spawn rates for items often. As a result, these figures only serve as a general limited view of the loot table and does not guarantee for any particular item spawn chance.

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