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New Gas Station On Customs In Escape From Tarkov

The New Gas Station is located in the central area of the Customs map just across the street from the main Train Yard. The DP Fuel gas station is littered with abandoned cars and vehicles by the pumps. It is the location of the only barricade of the main road that runs along the Customs map – though players can jump this barricade at multiple points. It is also one of the spawn points for the scav boss, Reshala, and his minions so players need to be careful when exploring this location. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the New Gas Station on Customs in Escape From Tarkov.

Types Of Loot Found

Loot Containers

Loose Loot Categories

Notable Loose Loot Items

New Gas Station Loot Locations On Customs In Escape From Tarkov

Fenced Western Entrance

Located at the western side of the New Gas Station along the road is an area sectioned off with chain link fencing and sandbags. Behind the sandbags next to a van with its trunk open is a Wooden Crate.


By the gas pumps is an ambulance that has run off the parking lot and rests partially in the grass. Its back doors are wide open allowing players to loot its contents. Medical Treatment items can be found just under the ambulance next to a AI-2 medkit that spilled open on the ground. They can also spawn inside the ambulance right where the back doors will meet when closed. Lastly, players can jump inside the ambulance to check if the Key to EMERCOM medical unit has spawned on the seat all the way inside the ambulance.


Between the front entrance to the gas station and the ambulance is a blue car by the gas pumps. It is facing away from the gas station towards the ambulance. The back trunk of the car can be opened and loose loot found inside. Items are in the Barter Items category and include Other Items like cigarettes and even Valuables like Gold Neck Chains.


Past the gas pumps to the rear of the gas station building is a white van that has struck a concrete barricade. Its back trunk has swung open, it’s missing a tire and a blue suitcase has fallen out. On the ground at the back of the vehicle loose items can spawn such as Medical Treatment and Provisions. These items can also spawn inside the back of the trunk.


At the front of the New Gas Station on the eastern side of the road barricade is a white bus parked right up to the barricade itself. Players can find the Key To Goshan Cash Register resting on a passenger seat inside the bus. Just be aware that you can only enter and exit the bus from the door at the back of the bus as the front door is blocked.


A simple sandbag defensive position is located on the road at the south eastern side of the New Gas Station. This location has a cheap plastic chair, a lootable Wooden Crate and a Weapon Parts spawn on the ground in between them. Players will typically find Magazines spawning at this location.

Store Entrance

As the enter the gas station from the front entrance, immediately look to the floor in front of you as Provisions can spawn such as a Bottle of vodka Tarkovskaya or Vita Juice. Further up ahead in front of the counter is a spawn for Barter Items. This loot table includes a diverse set of Barter Items and can even spawn the larger items such as Car Batteries and Electric Motors. Other items seen have been in the Tools and Household Materials category.


As you enter the gas station through the front entrance, there will be product shelves to your left. Items will spawn on the top and middle shelves next to the yellow oil containers. The loot pool is from the Barter Items category and includes sub-categories like Building Materials, Electronics, Flammable Materials, Household Materials, Medical Supplies and Tools. This includes the higher valued items in those categories like KEKTape, Pack of Nails and Saline Solutions.

Behind these shelves is another rack of product shelves against the wall. The shelves closet to the door that leads to the Manager’s Office can spawn items. Household Items such as Printer Paper and Ox bleach can spawn on the middle shelf.

Front Counter

At the front counter to the right is a display case where Provisions can be found. Go behind the counter and you will find 3 Cash Registers that will hold an average of 1,500 roubles each. Provisions can also be found on the ground behind the counter.

Side Counter

When you go behind the front counter you will pass a side counter to the left with an open cabinet door. On top of this counter is a spawn for the Labs. Key Arsenal Storage Room. On the floor in front of the door is a spawn for Medical Treatment items such as CMS kits.

Storage Room

As you make your way behind the front counter you will come to a door that leads to a storage room. The room is lined with metal shelves and stacks of boxes and crates. Building Material items such as duct tape can spawn on the ground next to the cardboard boxes and a glow stick. Medical Treatment items like Car Medkits can also spawn on top of those boxes. A loose loot spawn can also be found on the wooden crates that includes Barter Items in the Flammable Materials category like Crickent Lighters and low tier Valuables such as Horse Figurines.

Office Hallway

Weapon Box (4x4) Inside New Gas Station

From the front entrance to the gas station is a closed door to your left. This door leads you to a hallway with another door to your left and two to your right. At the very end of the hallway is a Weapon Box (4×4) on top of a stack of cardboard boxes.

Break Room

Open the left door in the hallway to enter a Break Room for the employees of the gas station. Loose loot items in the Medical Treatment category will spawn on the two couches along with a Duffle Bag. A table with a broken TV is located at the far end of the room. Barter Items can be found on this table such as Bolts (Building Materials), Radiator Helix (Electronics) and WD-40 400ml (Flammable Materials) to name a few.

Medical Closet

Medical Containers In Closet

The first door to your right in the hallway is locked and requires The key to the gas station storage room to open. Inside is a closet with a Medcase and a Medbag SMU06 container inside.

Manager’s Office

The second door to your right in the hallways is locked and requires the Cabinet Key to open. Inside the room is a Safe to your left. Ammo Boxes and Barter Items like cigarettes can spawn on top of the manager’s desk. In addition, there is also an item spawn in a keyboard nook located under the top of the manager’s desk. Lastly, The key to the gas station storage room can spawn under the desk on the newspaper.

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