Marked Circle On Woods Map

Marked Circle On Woods
Marked Circle On Woods

The Woods map is home to the only marked loot location that is not behind a locked door. The cultists have drawn a circle in the middle of the forest where they place their offerings. Marked loot locations have the largest loot table in the game. This includes high value items such as cases and guns. Make sure you loot the area fast as it is pretty exposed and bound to have other players looking for loot as well. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the Marked Circle on Woods in Escape From Tarkov.

How To Find The Marked Circle

Proceed to the military checkpoint. Once there look for a rock just across the street from the checkpoint. Stand on the rock and look into the forest. You will be able to see a marked tree straight ahead. The marked tree will have the cultist “Z” carved all over it. Refer to the image above to help identify the right tree from the rock.

Types Of Loot Found

The Marked Circle loot location on Woods will spawn two items from its loot table. This includes, but not limited to the following:

Loot Containers

Loose Loot Categories

Loot Spawns At The Marked Circle On Woods In Escape From Tarkov

Marked Circle

Marked Circle On Woods
Marked Circle

Looting Marked Circle is relatively simple. 2-3 items will spawn in the center of the marked circle by the X. There is a lootable blue Jacket on the ground to the east next to the marked tree.

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