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The Airplane Wreckage is a landmark located on the eastern side of the Woods map. It includes a long gash in the Woods from when the plane crash landed and the wrecked airplane itself. Many players use this landmark to help locate the ZB-016 Underground Bunker and Jaeger’s Camp. This area has a surprisingly diverse loot pool. You can find plenty of Provisions, but also decent Electronics, Barter Items and even Car Batteries. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the Airplane Wreckage on Woods in Escape From Tarkov.

Types Of Loot Found

Loot Containers

Loose Loot Categories

Notable Loose Loot Items

Loot Locations At Airplane Wreckage On Woods In Escape From Tarkov


Starting at the wrecked airplane itself. You will find Provisions just inside the plane entrance on the ground. There will also be Provisions and Barter Item – Others at the base of the stairs – both in front and by the tree. Finally, just behind the remains of the left wing on the ground is another Provision spawn along with Barter Item – Flammable Materials like Zibbo Lighters. All of these spawns include the entire Provisions loot pool including Packs of Sugar and Bottles of Vodka Tarkovskaya.

Wreckage Trail – Right Side

A trail is cut into the ground from when the plane crashed. We will refer to the right side of the trail if you were standing in it looking at the plane. Just behind the plane wreckage is a spawn on the ground where Provisions and Barter Item – Valuables can be found. Proceed further back to find another spawn point that includes Provisions, Medical Treatment and Barter Items. This spot will be on the slope next to a small triangular piece of debris with a black stripe. Continue onwards to two broken sections of the plane in the middle of the trail in the grass. Provisions and Medical Treatment items can spawn on either side of the metal towards the back.

Wreckage Trail – Left Side

This time starting from the plane we will focus on the left side. Start walking along the trail to find the remains of the left wing after it hit a large rock. Barter Items, Provisions and Medical Treatment items can be found next to the wing. Keep walking along the left slope to find a piece of the wing flaps. It is a thin, long piece of metal with a triangular part pointing upwards. A loot spawn point can be found at one end of the flap. This spot has a diverse loot table including Barter Items, Medical Treatment and Provision items. The Barter Items have a higher rate of Electronics such as Working LCDs and Powerbanks. Car Batteries can even spawn at this location. Just a little bit further is another spawn location on the ground with the same loot table. Lastly, near the end of the trail is a Medical Treatment spawn location by the broken trees.

Cache / Duffle Bag – Left Side Of Trail

Around the halfway point of the wreckage trail proceed left towards the tree line. You are looking for a tree that’s falling over with a pile of broken branches under it. A cluster of heavy bushes are grouped in the direction the tree is falling. You will find a Hidden Ground Cache in between the bushes and the falling tree. There is also a rare Duffle Bag spawn near this cache. It will be at the base of a tree just before you reach the falling tree. Use our pictures above to help locate this spawn location.

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