Woods Attachment Shack

Woods Attachment Shack Overview
Attachment Shack

The Woods Attachment Shack is located on the western side of the Woods map. There are two stacks of logs nearby and the shack is surrounded by a chain link fence and barbed wire. This guide will help you learn the Woods Attachment Shack loot opportunities.

Types Of Loot Found

Loot Containers

Loose Loot Categories

Woods Attachment Shack Loot Locations

Gun Rack

Gun Rack Inside Woods Attachment Shack
Guns Will Spawn On The Gun Rack

A blue gun rack can be found in the shack. Unmodded AK variant rifles can be found against the rack. Full stock rifles will be leaning up while shorter versions often fall behind the rack.

Blanket Covered Pallets

Covered Pallet Inside Woods Attachment Shack
Multiple Gun Attachments Found On The Pallets Inside The Shack

The main location for loot and what gives the location its name. Inside the shack is a blanket covered stack of pallets where multiple Weapon Parts can be found. Up to five attachments can spawn at this location. The attachments have a large loot pool that includes higher value attachments such as suppressors and optics. Provisions such as Condensed Milk can also make their way onto the pallet.

Wooden Crate

Wooden Crate Outside Woods Attachment Shack
Wooden Crate Outside The Shack

A lootable Wooden Crate can be found just by the front door of the shack.

Picnic Outside The Shack

Provisions Outside Woods Attachment Shack
Nice Little Picnic

Provisions can be found on another blanket covered stack of pallets just outside the shack. The provisions will spawn next to the tea kettle. A perfect pairing.

Ammo Crate

Ammo Spawns At Woods Attachment Shack

Behind the Wooden Crate to the right of the entrance to the Woods Attachment Shack is an open wooden crate that has tipped over and partially fallen to the ground. Ammo Boxes can be found both inside and around the crate.

Dead Scav

Dead Scav Near The Woods Attachment Shack
Poor Scav

A dead local scavenger is located resting against a tree to the left of the shack. The poor guy was not able to escape Tarkov. Might as well check his pockets…

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