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The Cabins are located in the north eastern side of the Lumber Yard. It is composed of three wooden cabins set in a row. Each cabin is labeled with a number written in large white chalk on the building. Cabin #1 begins to the south closest to the lake with Cabin #3 to the north. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the Cabins on Woods in Escape From Tarkov.

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Loot Locations At Cabins On Woods In Escape From Tarkov

Cabin 1

Cabin 1 is the southern cabin in the row with two abandoned vehicles behind it. As you enter the cabin you will find two Jackets hanging on the wall across from you. Then, make a left and you will see a refrigerator with a small table next to it with a microwave. Provisions will consistently spawn on this table next to the microwave. Past the table is a bed with a floral bedsheet and a Duffle Bag placed at the end. Next to the bag is a night stand with a binder and cup on top. The East Wing Room 308 Key will sometimes spawn on top of this night stand. Finally, a Weapon Box (4×4) can be found at the end of the room.

Cabin 2

Cabin 2 is located in the middle of the three cabins. Just like in Cabin 1, you can find Provisions spawning on the small table next to a refrigerator to the left of the entrance. Two beds line the north wall with a small night stand between them. Higher quality Provisions can often be found on the bottom shelf of the open cabinet such as Pack of Sugar and Alyonka Bars. On the opposite side from the beds is a Jacket hung on the wall. Finally, in the back of the room is a Safe with a Grenade Box resting on top of it.

Cabin 3

Cabin 3 is the building furthest north in the row. This is the cabin you will be visiting when completing the Supply Plans task for Therapist. As soon as you walk in the door you will see 2 lootable Jackets hanging on the wall and a Duffle Bag on the floor beneath them. To the left of the entrance on a little table next to a refrigerator. Look here for Provisions to spawn such as Vita Juice and Slickers Bar.

Cabin Vehicles

South of the Cabins are two trucks parked in an open area. One is a blue passenger truck while the other is a commercial personnel carrier. In the bed of the passenger truck you can find Barter ItemBuilding Material and Energy Elements like Bolts and AA Batteries. As for the personnel carrier truck you can jump into the back and go all the way in to find a Duffle Bag hidden under the bench seat.

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