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Woods Lumber Shack
Woods Lumber Shack

The Lumber Shack is located in the northwestern side of the Lumber Yard in the southern side of the Woods map. This little shack houses a few containers, Provision items and a Violet Keycard spawn – the most expensive loose item found on the map. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the Lumber Shack on Woods in Escape From Tarkov.

Types Of Loot Found

Loot Containers

Loose Loot Categories

Notable Loose Loot

Loot Locations At The Lumber Shack On Woods In Escape From Tarkov


Jackets At The Lumber Shack On Woods

There are two jackets hanging on the wall to your left as soon as you enter the building. Just be careful when looting these jackets as scavengers can shoot at you through the window.


A wooden desk is located directly in front of the main entrance to the building. The key item that players look for is the Violet Keycard that spawns in the light of the desk lamp on top of the desk. You can check out our guide on Farming the Violet Keycard HERE as this is only one of three possible locations it can be found. Next to the lamp and the Drawers is a Provisions spawn where you can find items such as Pack Of Milk and Hot Rods.


A lootable Drawer container is located right next to the desk in the building. Provisions such as MRE lunch boxes and Vita Juice often spawn on top of the Drawers.


A Duffle Bag can be found at the foot of the bed located in the back of the room. Next to the bag is a loose loot spawn where Barter Item – Tools can spawn. Sometimes the items will glitch below the texture of the bed so you need to mouse over the area to see if anything is there.


Loot On Nightstand In Lumber Shack On Woods

Next to the bed is a wooden nightstand. Medical Treatment items such as Medkits can spawn on top of this furniture.

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