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The Suburbs is located south of the Bridge Extract and consists of three main buildings and the surrounding area. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the Suburbs on Woods in Escape From Tarkov.

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Loot Locations At The Suburbs On Woods In Escape From Tarkov

Convenience Store

A convenience store with a blue roof is located on the northern side of the Suburbs. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the store because it is completely sealed. However, a Toolbox container can be found by an electric panel next to the store.

Gable House

Located on the eastern side of the main road that runs through the Suburbs. The gable house has a wooden exterior with an angled gable roof. Inside the yard is a greenhouse, wooden garage and a log cabin to explore.


As soon as you enter the yard through the fence the garage will be to your left. Right by the main doors is a wooden container that counts as a Toolbox. A little further ahead to your right is a wooden table where Ammo Boxes, Barter Items, Medical Treatment and Provision items can spawn. These Barter Items tend to be in the Other, Tools and Flammable Materials categories. At the very end of the building is another wooden table where additional Barter Items can be found. Lastly, a Toolbox will be on the floor next to the table.

Inside The Gable House

As you enter the house immediately look to your left for an AK variant gun hanging on the coat rack. Go into the first door to your left to enter the kitchen. Provisions can be found on the countertop on either side of tea kettle and on the table. Go back into the hallway, skip the stairs and enter the last room on your left. A Duffle Bag container will be on the couch and Barter Item – Electronics will spawn on the floor. Tetriz portable game and Graphic Cards can be found at this location.


When you arrive at the attic take a look on the red couch to your right. A Module 3-M bodyarmor can spawn in the middle of the couch. Afterwards, proceed to the other side of the stairs to find a broken refrigerator. AK variant guns such as the AK-101 can spawn leaning against the broken refrigerator door.

Log Cabin

A log cabin can be found to the right of the house. Before entering the cabin check the area to the left of the door. There will be a pallet of concrete, a bathtub and some wooden pallets. Barter Items – Building Materials can spawn in the tub, on the wooden pallets and even on the ground in front of the concrete pallet. Items are often missed because they blend in with the tall grass. Head inside the cabin and look for more Barter Items – Building Materials on the floor in the corner. Proceed to the next room to find a Tool Box on a table. Across from it is a thin wooden bench where even more Barter Items – Building Materials can spawn.

Green House

The Green House is on the western side of the road closest to the Bridge Extract and the Convenience Store. The area is fenced in with a barn that can be entered.


As soon as you enter the fenced area you will see a tipped over blue box to the left. Look inside to find a Grenade Box container inside. If you keep going around the house to the left, then you will come across a pile of wooden pallets. Barter Item – Building Materials can spawn on top of these pallets.

Inside The Green House

When you enter the house itself look for Barter Item – Tools that can spawn on the logs at the entrance. The first room inside is a kitchen with Provisions spawning on the tables to the right and in front. Enter the door to your left and look on the bench for Barter Item – Other items. Take a right into the first room to find a Duffle Bag and Medical Treatment items that spawn on the floor by the bed. Afterwards, jump over the barricade, go to the next room and loot another Duffle Bag on the couch. Also, look for Provisions on the desk, Money on the floor by the pile of books and another Grenade Box.


The barn is located behind the house and has its front door wide open. Don’t confuse it with another barn to the right of the house that is locked and cannot be opened. The barn in the back has two rooms to explore. The first room has a pile of cardboard boxes on one side and plastic drums on the other. Barter Items – Other and Medical Treatment items can spawn around the boxes. Ammo Boxes and Barter Item – Other can spawn on the drums. The second room has two long shelves that connect in the corner. A Toolbox container is here along with 1-4 Barter Items that include Electronics, Tools and Building Materials.

Brick House

The brick house is located furthest from the Bridge Extract and has its own fenced in yard that includes a large garden area.

Inside The Brick House

Proceed into the blue wooden patio that leads to the front door of the house. Barter Item – Tools can spawn on the metal table by the door. Head inside the house and look right for a Module 3-M Bodyarmor against the cabinet. Provisions can also spawn in the shelves of the cabinet, as well. A dining table will be in front where 1-3 Provisions can spawn. Across from the table is a chair with a Duffle Bag container. From here a refrigerator and blue countertop will be to your left. 1-2 Provisions can spawn on the countertop. If you continue around the corner, then you will see an ironing board in the corner where Provisions can spawn. From here you can continue through the door around the corner to the Garage or up the stairs to the attic.


The garage connects to the house, but can also be accessed through the garage door on the right side. To the left is a work table where Barter Item – Electronics can spawn on top of. Towards the end of the garage is a metal shelf that holds Barter Item – Electronics. In the corner is a Toolbox container. Finally, to the right is a metal table where Barter Item – Tools can spawn such as Hand Drills.


After going up the stairs you will find yourself in the attic. In front of you is a bed with a wooden stool next to it. A Module 3-M Bodyarmor can spawn on top of the stool. To the right is a nightstand where Money such as Roubles can spawn. Next to the nightstand is another bed which a unique loose spawn. Barter Item – Valuables can be found under the bed that often clip through the jeans down there. You can find items such as Golden Neck Chains, Horse Figurines, and even Silver Badges. . Lastly, in the corner is a third bed that has tipped over. 1 – 3 Ammo Boxes can spawn on top of this mattress on the floor.


The yard left of the house is a large gardening area with a barn at the end. If you go around the house, then you will reach a corner with a lot of trash bags and an old metal grill. Barter Items – Building Materials can spawn inside the grill. In the middle of the garden is a Wooden Crate by a wooden half wall. Ammo Boxes can spawn around this Wooden Crate. By the barn at the end is a Toolbox on top of a small trolley.

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