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ZB-014 is an underground bunker located on the western side of the Woods maps. Half of the bunker is locked behind a gate that requires the ZB-014 key. This location is farmed primarily for the 60-round 6L31 5.45×39 magazine for a Prapor Quest. You can view our guide on farming them with this LINK. In addition, it is also a popular extract location when available as indicated with green smoke. You can often find items for your hideout on the ground such as Electric Motors and Fuel Tanks. It is also a great location for Water Filters, Silicone Tubes and Radiator Helix. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the ZB-014 Underground Bunker on Woods in Escape From Tarkov.

Key Needed

The ZB-014 bunker is divided into two rooms with one locked behind a gate. Players looking for 6L31 60-round magazines or to use the extract must unlock the gate using the ZB-014 key.

This key can be found in the following areas:

  • Dorm Room 220 on Customs
  • Jackets
  • Pockets of Scavs

Types Of Loot Found

Loot Containers

Loose Loot Categories

Notable Loose Loot Items

ZB-014 Bunker Loot Locations On Woods In Escape From Tarkov

First Room – Entrance

As you enter ZB-014 look in the left corner for a Barter Item like a Silicone Tube or a Water Filter. Afterwards, look on top of the barrels where Electronics like Electric Motors, Flammable Materials like Fuel Tanks and Others like FP-100 filter absorber can spawn. To the right of the barrels past the broken box is another spawn for Barter Items and a lootable Wooden Crate. Across the room from the crate is a blue metal cabinet with its doors removed. Inside the cabinet shelves are spawns for Medical Treatment items most commonly from the Injury Treatment category.

Back Room

The back room is locked behind a metal grate and requires the Key ZB-014 to gain access to. The first area you want to check is on and around the covered drums to your right. Barter Items can spawn on the floor in front of them such as Fuel Tanks and Radiator Helix. Afterwards, look on top of and next to the drums for any 60-round 6L31 magazines. The open metal cabinet by the drums can spawn Medical Treatment items like the one in the first room. In front of the cabinet in the middle of the room is a rare Weapon – Throwable spawn with items such as RGD-5 hand grenades. Next to the cabinet is a large Weapon Box (5×5). Another 6L31 magazine spawn is found to the left of the weapon box. Finally, a Barter Item spawn is in front of the back door that cannot be opened.

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