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ZB-016 Underground Bunker

ZB-016 is an underground bunker located on the eastern side of the Woods map. It is a popular extract location when available as indicated with green smoke. Does not require a key to access. You can often find items for your hideout on the ground such as Electric Motors and Fuel Tanks. This guide will show you all of the loot locations at the ZB-016 Underground Bunker on Woods in Escape From Tarkov.

How To Locate ZB-016 Bunker

Rock Boulder Just South Of ZB-016 Stairway Entrance

When the green smoke is not active the stairs leading to the ZB-016 Bunker can be difficult to find. One tip is to look for a large rock boulder that carved out a trench in the ground. The stairs will be just to the south of this boulder. As the trench is quite long and wraps around the bunker it is easy to find. Simply follow it to the boulder, then look south into the forest and you will find it.

Types Of Loot Found

Loot Containers

Loose Loot Categories

Notable Loose Loot Items

ZB-016 Bunker Loot Locations On Woods In Escape From Tarkov

Wooden Crates

ZB-016 is home to four lootable Wooden Crates. Two are located in both rooms of the bunker.

Front Room

As soon as you come down the stairs there will be a barrel to your left. Loot will spawn on the floor next to the barrel. Just further up ahead in the corner is a broken box. Loot can spawn on either side of the broken box. To the right of the entrance are the two lootable Wooden Crates. Loot spawns are in front of the crates and by the sleeping bag on the floor. In addition to the Barter Items, the spawn by the sleeping bag can also spawn Ammo Boxes and even loose Ammo rounds.

Back Room

As you enter the back room there will be a Wooden Crate to your right. Items can spawn in front of this crate with a second spawn just further ahead. In front of the closed back door is an Ammo Box spawn. You have to look closely as some ammo boxes will spawn under the debris on the floor. The left side of the room is a metal bed frame where items can spawn on the floor next to and in front of it.

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