Loot Value Tiers

Knowing which items are worth picking up to maximize your raid is a difficult task in Escape From Tarkov with nearly 2,000 items in the game that you can loot. Being a fast and efficient looter will not only make you a more efficient rat, but will also improve your survivability in the game. This is where Loot Value Tiers can help.

What Are Loot Tiers?

Loot Tiers is a simple system that grades items based on their Value Per Inventory Slot. If a Military Cable that takes 2 inventory slot sells for 30,000 ₽, then it will be a B-Tier loot item since it has a Value Per Inventory Slot of 15,000 ₽. Below is the loot tier scale we utilize with examples of items in each category.

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Loot Faster

The values of items change quickly, but if you know the general value with loot tiers it will make you a much more effective looter. Not just in the value of loot that you find, but will also make you a faster looter which will help you survive more raids. During a raid while looting a container you should not be searching up the value of each item to determine what you should take as it can quickly lead to your death. The most common situation new players in Escape From Tarkov die in raid is while looting. You need to be quick. Learn which items are S-Tier, A-Tier and B-Tier so you know to prioritize those items when you see them.

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Set Expectations

Loot tiers are also important when planning what gear to bring on your money runs and setting expectations. Let’s use this 4×5 Scavenger Backpack with 20 inventory slots as an example. If you filled this back pack with B-tier loot during a raid, then you will have earned 200,000 – 399,999 ₽. Assuming you can do this successfully twice per hour, then you can expect to earn at least 400,000 – 799,998 ₽ per hour.

Get Familiar With Item Values

It is impossible to learn the value of the over 1,900 items that can be found in Escape From Tarkov. Especially since the Flea Market value of items can fluctuate dramatically day by day. To help you with this be sure to check out our Item Value Search Utility that will show you both the Flea Market and Trader prices you can sell an item for.

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