Module 3M Body Armor Spawn in Factory Offices

If you find yourself needing body armor on the Factory map, then you may get lucky finding one in the third floor Offices. Our sources inform us that the local scavengers keep 3M body armor in the Offices on Factory in Escape From Tarkov in case of emergency. Head over there and you may get it before they do.

Location of Module 3M Bodyarmor

The Module-3M bodyarmor can be found in the offices located on the third floor of Factory. It will spawn on top of the two lootable filing cabinets (drawers) located on the right side of the room.

Module-3M Bodyarmor

The Module-3M Bodyarmor is an armor vest with Armor Class 2 and 40 points of durability. You will need to hand in four to Ragman for his Supplier quest. In addition, you will need to wear it when killing scavs for Therapist’s Decontamination Service quest. A Module-3M in perfect condition can be sold to Ragman for 14,144 roubles. As a 9 slot item this results in a value of 1,571 roubles per slot.

Other Spawns

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