New Hideout Crafts And Trader Inventory To Escape From Tarkov

On Monday, March 1, 2021, the developers of Escape From Tarkov added new crafts and changed a few recipes in the Hideout. In addition, trader inventories have also been updated with changes to prices and new items. Some of the new crafts are welcome additions such as the recipe to create a Pilgrim Tourist Backpack in the Lavatory Station level 2. This item is needed Found In Raid for Ragman’s Sew It Good – Part 1 quest and can be very hard to find. You can review the full list of changes to Trader Inventories and Hideout Crafts made in Escape From Tarkov below.

New Hideout Crafts

ModuleLevelComponentsProduced Item
Lavatory1Tac-Kek Fast MT Helmet (non-ballistic replica) x2
Duct tape x1
Aramid fiber cloth x2
LZSh light helmet x1
Lavatory2Triton M43-A Chest Harness x2
KEKTAPE duct tape x1
Ox Bleach x1
Velocity Systems Multi-Purpose Patrol Vest x2
Lavatory2Polyamide fabric Cordura x1
Construction measuring tape x1
LK 3F Transfer tourist backpack x4
Pilgrim Tourist Backpack x1
Workbench1Broken GPhone X x1
Broken LCD x1
Long Flat Screwdriver x1
Broken GPhone x1
Workbench2Screw nut x1
Bolts x1
SurvL Survivor Lighter x1
Pliers x1
Spark Plug x1

Hideout Craft Changes

ModuleLevelComponentsProduced Item
Intelligence Center2Printed Circuit Board x4x8
PC CPU x2x4
CPU Fan x2
VPX Flash Storage Module x1
Graphics Card x1
Lavatory1Fleece Cloth x1
Ripstop Cloth x1
0.6L water bottle x1
Flyye MBSS Backpack x1
Scav Backpack x2
Medstation1Hydrogen Peroxide x2
Pile of Meds x2
CALOK-B Hemostatic x1x2
Medstation3Pile of Meds x5x8Grizzly First Aid Kit x1x2
Nutrition Unit10.6L water bottle x1x2
Emelya Rye Croutons x4
Premium Kvass “Norvinskiy Yadreniy” 0.6L bottle x1x2

Trader Inventory Changes

JaegerScav Vest4,409 ₽Slickers Bar
JaegerMarked Key*NEW – Loyalty Level 3*
MechanicMagpul M-LOK 2.5 inch guide*NEW – Loyalty Level 1*
Construction measuring tape
MechanicMagpul M-LOK 4.1 inch guide*NEW – Loyalty Level 1*
USB Adapter
PraporBNTI Korund-VM armorLoyalty Level 3
– 112,619 ₽
Loyalty Level 4
– 112,619 ₽
PraporBNTI Korund-VM armor*NEW – Loyalty Level 3*
Diary x4
RagmanSSO “Attack 2” raid backpack58,907 ₽Chain with Prokill medallion
RagmanArs Arma CPC MOD.2 plate carrierPolyamide fabric Cordura x3
Aramid fiber cloth x3
Ripstop cloth x3
Polyamide fabric Cordura x3
Ripstop cloth x3
Bottle of Dan Jackiel Whiskey x1
RagmanANA Tactical M1 armored rigWater bottle with a filter Aquamari x4Water bottle with a filter Aquamari x4
Premium Kvass “Norvinskiy Yadreniy” 0.6L bottle x1
RagmanMystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack (multicam)Ox Bleach x8Ox Bleach x8
Polyamide fabric Cordura x2
TherapistLBT-2670 Slim Field Med Pack*NEW – Loyalty Level 3*
Augmentin antibiotic pills x2
Vaseline x2
Surv12 field surgical kit x2
Pile of Meds x3

You can view the full list of Hideout Crafts HERE or Trader Inventories HERE.

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