New Preview Of The Upcoming Guns Coming To EFT

The developers of Escape From Tarkov, Battlestate Games, shared two new preview images of upcoming guns coming to EFT. They released two new images on their Instagram page showing two new gun platforms. These weapons are the KRISS Vector submachine gun and the SIG MCX assault rifle. Since the images show the weapons in the game’s weapon preset mode; it tells us that development is far along and we can expect these weapons soon. Check out the images and discover what to expect from these new additions when they get released.


The KRISS Vector is a unique submachine that will be available in two calibers: 9×19 Parabellum and .45 ACP. Lead game designer, Nikita Buyanov, confirmed this during the last TarkovTV devblog. This weapon has been teased for some time; most recently with some work in progress animation images shared in November. Its unique design uses a delayed blowback system that reduces the recoil felt by the shooter. The has an extremely high rate of fire at 1,200 rounds per minute. The 9mm version utilizes Glock magazines though we are not sure the SGMT 50 round drum magazine would fit. We expect to see 10 round and 30 round magazines available for the .45 ACP Vector. The design of the Vector allows for a lot of attachments including suppressors and optics. We expect the .45 ACP Vector to be the “bullet hose” compared to the upcoming .45 ACP H&K UMP which will have more accuracy at range.

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The SIG MCX is an assault rifle built by SIG Sauer. It is considered the younger brother to the popular SIG MPX submachine, but in assault rifle size. The real weapon is chambered in either 5.56x45mm or .300 AAC Blackout (BLK). Nikita has confirmed that the MCX in game will be chambered in .300 BLK during the last TarkovTV devblog; a new bullet caliber to be added to the game. This new round would be the 18th new bullet caliber in Escape From Tarkov. What makes the .300 AAC Blackout round unique is it offers the stopping power of a 7.62x39mm bullet, but can be fed into most magazines that take 5.56x45mm bullets. If a SIG MCX chambered in 5.56×45 is added to the game, then based on real life stats we can expect it to have higher rate of fire when compared to the Colt M4 and H&K 416. However, a SIG MCX in .300 BLK would have more stopping power, but a slower rate of fire and/or less accuracy. A SIG MCX in .300 AAC would use many of the same attachments and magazines as the M4 and HK416 currently in the game.

SIG MCX – source:

When Will The Guns Be Released?

The developers have confirmed that the KRISS Vector and SIG MCX will be released with the upcoming 12.9 update. Originally scheduled for this year – the 12.9 update has been delayed. Nikita Buyanov has shared that the team is working very hard on releasing it as soon as possible. And, we can expect it to arrive sometime in early January/February 2021.

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