PACA Armor Spawn In Suicide Box On Factory Map

The Factory facility was taken over by local scavengers that were not able to evacuate from Tarkov. These individuals used the location as shelter for protection from the elements and hostile persons. Unfortunately, these scavs were quickly fighting for their lives as PMCs arrived to gain control of the building. During the attack it appears a scavenger forgot to put on his PACA Soft Armor and left it in an empty office. Pick that up if you see it. You never know when it may save your life.

Location Of The PACA Soft Armor Spawn

The PACA Soft Armor can be found in the empty office on the second floor that overlooks the Gate 3 entrance. This office is commonly referred to as “Suicide Box” and it lives up to its name as anyone working on the Delivery From The Past quest can attest to. The room is empty except for two wooden boxes at the far end. The PACA Soft Armor will spawn resting on the floor and leaning up against the left wooden crate.

PACA Soft Armor

PACA Soft Armor

The PACA Soft Armor is an armor vest with Armor Class 2 and 50 points of durability. You will need to wear one while killing PMCs for Prapor’s The Punisher – Part 5 quest. A PACA Soft Armor in perfect condition can be sold to Ragman for 15,302 roubles. As a 9 slot item this results in a value of 1,700 roubles per slot.

Other Spawn

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