PACA Armor Spawn In The Rafters On The Factory Map

Our team has learned that a local scavenger likes to hide his body armor in the rafters of the Factory map to keep it safe. Unfortunately, he met an untimely death in Tarkov and will no longer be needing it. Best not to leave perfectly good armor go to waste. See if it’s still there and pick it up. I heard Prapor’s men were looking for a few sets of the armor for some kind of task.

Location Of The PACA Armor Spawn

The PACA Soft Armor can be found on the third story of Factory on the rafters that cross around the map. Across from the offices on the third floor is a large boiler tank in the rafters resting on metal supports. The armor will spawn on the left support when facing the offices; close to the wall.

PACA Soft Armor

PACA Soft Armor

The PACA Soft Armor is an armor vest with Armor Class 2 and 50 points of durability. You will need to wear one while killing PMCs for Prapor’s The Punisher – Part 5 quest. A PACA Soft Armor in perfect condition can be sold to Ragman for 15,302 roubles. As a 9 slot item this results in a value of 1,700 roubles per slot.

Other Spawn

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