Patch Notes For Update

Patch Notes

Battlestate Games released update today. It brought with it some game fixes including a sound reduction to the new quick-drop backpack feature. Players had complained that the sound was too loud when dropping a backpack. Unfortunately, it does not address a new bug introduced with 12.8 that causes two opposing squads spawning in the exact same location. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update. The full patch notes are below:


  • The package from the ammo box will be destroyed automatically after unpacking
  • Sound of backpack quick drop reduced by 30%


  • Custom settings for each HUD element. Option to display health in old and new styles


  • Weapon presets
  • Mods of current preset would reset after entering the flea market
  • Color indication for parameters when comparing the current and selected modification. Now the blue color always indicates a change for the better and red for the worse
  • When switching to the preset via the context menu, the specified weapon was not selected as the basis


  • After exiting the shooting range with ESC button, player couldn’t enter it back 
  • The progress of Bitcoin farm production was reset when you picked up part of the coins that were ready
  • Cartridges discarded during operations with the chamber remained on the floor of the shooting range after leaving


  • Animation and the sound of backpack quick drop used to play twice 
  • The “Vitality” skill did not reduce the chance of bleeding
  • The “Invite to group” button was the second in the lobby context menu
  • At the Reserve location, the siren did not always sound when the lever was activated
  • Blacked out limbs were not able to be penetrated by bullets
  • Player wouldn’t put the compass away in some situations
  • Other bug fixes
  • Various bug fixes on locations

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