Escape From Tarkov | Guide To Hidden Cache Locations

Hidden Cache Guides

Hidden caches are loot containers found all around a map.  Caches are comprised of two different containers: Ground Caches and Buried Barrel Caches.  Both containers have a very diverse loot table.  Our guides will show you how to find every hidden cache on a map with dynamic maps, instructions and lots of pictures.  Click on an image to access the hidden cache guide for that location in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Hidden Cache Guide

23 Caches

18 Caches

40 Caches

32 Caches

Hidden Cache Containers

Hidden caches are actually two different loot containers: Buried Barrel Caches and Ground Caches.  Besides the different appearances the two containers share the same loot tables.  To learn more about the specific container simply click on the image.

Buried Barrel Cache Container Icon
Ground Cache Icon
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