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This tool will show you what is the best price you can sell an item for and where. The Flea Market value lists the average value of the item in the last 24 hours. Enter the item name in the Search bar to find what you need. Or use the drop downs to filter the list by item category. These categories match the categories in-game for each item and are utilized in Escape From Tarkov to generate loot tables.

IconItem NameFlea Market ValueCategory1Category2Trader NameTrader Price
Corrugated hose#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist7,321
Shustrilo sealing foam#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist3,301
Duct tape#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist1,499
Bolts#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist6,600
Screw nut#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist5,220
A pack of nails#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist2,463
Insulating tape#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist1,211
A pack of screws#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist1,884
Silicone tube#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist11,340
Xenomorph sealing foam#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist2,267
Piece of plexiglas#N/ABarter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist5,195
Pressure gauge42,671Barter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist36,720
Analog thermometer28,518Barter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist27,360
KEKTAPE duct tape16,030Barter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist14,400
Tube of Poxeram Cold Welding11,905Barter ItemBuilding MaterialTherapist11,640

Flea Market data provided by the fine folks at Tarkov-Market.

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