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This tool will show you what is the best price you can sell an item for and where. The Flea Market value lists the average value of the item in the last 24 hours. Enter the item name in the Search bar to find what you need. Or use the drop downs to filter the list by item category. These categories match the categories in-game for each item and are utilized in Escape From Tarkov to generate loot tables.

IconItem NameFlea Market ValueCategory1Category2Trader NameTrader Price
LEDX Skin Transilluminator467,214Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist291,000
Ophthalmoscope67,818Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist50,947
Medical bloodset8,303Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist5,859
Hydrogen peroxide9,360Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist7,301
Portable defibrillator166,398Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist134,760
Pile of meds9,353Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist3,900
Saline solution12,972Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist5,105
Disposable syringe14,304Barter ItemMedical SupplyTherapist1,800

Flea Market data provided by the fine folks at Tarkov-Market.

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