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This tool will show you what is the best price you can sell an item for and where. The Flea Market value lists the average value of the item in the last 24 hours. Enter the item name in the Search bar to find what you need. Or use the drop downs to filter the list by item category. These categories match the categories in-game for each item and are utilized in Escape From Tarkov to generate loot tables.

IconItem NameFlea Market ValueCategory1Category2Trader NameTrader Price
FP-100 filter absorber86,930Barter ItemOtherTherapist49,200
42nd Signature Blend English Tea20,488Barter ItemOtherTherapist16,652
Strike Cigarettes6,736Barter ItemOtherTherapist1,872
Paracord55,328Barter ItemOtherTherapist13,500
Dogtag USEC600Barter ItemOtherTherapist360
Dogtag BEAR600Barter ItemOtherTherapist360
Coffee Majaica#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist8,986
Air filter for gas mask#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist6,023
Malboro Cigarettes9,533Barter ItemOtherTherapist1,326
Apollon Soyuz cigarettes#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist1,500
Weapon parts14,897Barter ItemOtherTherapist8,544
Wilston cigarettes6,288Barter ItemOtherTherapist4,790
OFZ 30x160mm shell35,328Barter ItemOtherTherapist33,600
Water filter35,184Barter ItemOtherTherapist14,700
Christmas tree decoration ball (red)#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist4,200
Christmas tree decoration ball (silver)#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist6,000
Christmas tree decoration ball (violet)#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist12,000
Aramid fiber cloth#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist5,280
Ripstop cloth#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist3,480
Fleece cloth#N/ABarter ItemOtherRagman2,400
Polyamide fabric Cordura#N/ABarter ItemOtherTherapist7,920
UZRGM grenade fuze10,239Barter ItemOtherTherapist4,049
Can of Dr. Lupo's coffee beans32,185Barter ItemOtherTherapist31,200

Flea Market data provided by the fine folks at Tarkov-Market.

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