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This tool will show you what is the best price you can sell an item for and where. The Flea Market value lists the average value of the item in the last 24 hours. Enter the item name in the Search bar to find what you need. Or use the drop downs to filter the list by item category. These categories match the categories in-game for each item and are utilized in Escape From Tarkov to generate loot tables.

IconItem NameFlea Market ValueCategory1Category2Trader NameTrader Price
Physical bitcoin359,124Barter ItemValuableTherapist407,961
Bronze lion107,837Barter ItemValuableTherapist97,761
Chain with Prokill medallion85,037Barter ItemValuableTherapist51,000
Roler submariner gold wrist watch47,987Barter ItemValuableTherapist42,629
Golden neck chain24,715Barter ItemValuableTherapist22,906
Chainlet4,965Barter ItemValuableTherapist4,341
Silver Badge37,169Barter ItemValuableTherapist36,174
Wooden clock39,514Barter ItemValuableTherapist37,990
Cat figurine29,421Barter ItemValuableTherapist28,385
Old firesteel39,322Barter ItemValuableTherapist20,041
Gold skull ring38,569Barter ItemValuableTherapist33,000
Battered antique Book39,377Barter ItemValuableTherapist37,817
Antique teapot29,725Barter ItemValuableTherapist28,140
Golden rooster56,750Barter ItemValuableTherapist54,340
Antique vase42,351Barter ItemValuableTherapist40,680
Horse figurine8,010Barter ItemValuableTherapist6,869
GP coin31,975Barter ItemValuableTherapist21,480
Raven figurine30,297Barter ItemValuableTherapist28,800
Veritas guitar pick34,371Barter ItemValuableTherapist33,000

Flea Market data provided by the fine folks at Tarkov-Market.

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