Save Money On Crye Airframe Chops With Peacekeeper

The chad life is expensive and to maintain it you need to make sure that you’re taking out more gear than you are losing. This may be challenging when loadouts can cost between 1-2 million Roubles. Saving money when buying your gear will only help you profit from your raids. And barter trades are a great way to get the gear you need for affordable prices. Lets take a look at the Crye Airframe Chops for example.

Crye Airframe Chops
Crye Airframe Chops

Crye Airframe Chops

The Crye Precision Airframe Helmet is a favorite choice among some players because it offers Class 4 protection with the least amount of negative effects to movement. Adding the Crye Airframe Chops improves head defense by covering the Ears and Jaws with Class 3 protection. Unfortunately, buying this combo on the flea market will cost you over 400k Roubles just for head protection and makes it too expensive for many players to run. But, there are ways to save a lot of money on the chops that make this combo more affordable.

Crye Helmet Flea Market Values
Flea Market Prices As Of Oct 14, 2020

Peacekeeper Barter Trades

Every trader (except Fence) offers barter trades where you can purchase items using other items. Peacekeeper carries primarily Western guns and gears in his inventory. When you earn his trust to Loyalty Level 4 he will offer you a barter trade for the Crye Airframe Chops. All he wants for this valuable item is a single Broken Gphone X. You can easily pick one up on the Flea Market for 21,000 Roubles or find one on Interchange or Shoreline. Peacekeeper limits the purchase to 3 Crye Airframe Chops per refresh, but that should be plenty for your raids.

Peacekeeper Always Gets The Newest GPhone On The Market

Cost Saving Summary

If you purchased the Crye Airframe Chops on the Flea Market, then you can expect to pay around 260,000 Roubles. By using Peacekeeper’s barter trade you can get them for only 21,000 Roubles. That is 240,000 Roubles you will save on your loadout costs! The method cuts the cost of the Airframe Helmet and Chops combo in half from 400,000 Roubles to only 200,000 Roubles. If you run this loadout often and purchase all three chops per refresh, then you will be saving 720,000 Roubles every time Peacekeeper refreshes his stock!

Keep in mind, that barter trade items will not have the Found In Raid status so you cannot sell this item on the Flea Market. But, cutting your loadout costs is an important step to having more profitable raids. Be sure to check out the values of other Barter Trades offered by traders in our article here.

This article was written during Escape From Tarkov version

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