Collect Your Surprise In-Game Gift From The Developers!

Battlestate Games is showering players with gifts to celebrate the birthday of their studio on October 15, 2020. In a surprise announcement, they are awarding all players an appreciation package of in-game items. And you will get a lot of items… Seriously, you will be swimming in GP coins.

What You Get

I hope you like gold and grenades because you will be getting quite a bit of both! The gift includes one hundred GP coins, a Grenade Case full of grenades and a Dogtag Case to store all the dog tags you will collect from blowing up PMCs. The full list of items are below:

  • GP Coins x100
  • Dogtag Case
  • Grenade Case
  • FORT Redut-M body armor
  • ZSh-1-2M face shield
  • ZSh-1-2M helmet
  • 5.45 PS x500
  • SS190 x400
  • F-1 Grenade x64
  • FN magazine for P90, 50-round capacity x4
  • 95-round 5.45×39 magazine for RPK-16 and compatibles x2
  • RPK-16 5.45×39 light machine gun
  • FN P90 5.7×28 submachinegun CWDG
Birthday Loot
That is a lot of items!

How To Collect Your Gift

To collect your gift you will need to sign into your account on the official Escape From Tarkov website: . After proving you are not a robot look for Additional ingame equipment. Look for the image like the one below and click the Receive button. After that, open the game and you will have a mail notification from System. Click the GET or RECEIVE ALL button to claim your gift and enjoy! Items received from System does not have an expiration timer and can stay there indefinitely (well, at least until wipe). So don’t worry if you don’t have the inventory space for all of the items.

ingame eqiupment
Click Receive to claim your gift.

Gift in mailbox
Your gift is waiting in your mailbox

The items will not have the Found In Raid status so they cannot be sold on the Flea Market. You can find their trader prices by using our Item Value Search Utility.

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