TarkovTV Podcast: Updates on 12.8 Update And More

Nikita Buyanov, COO and Escape From Tarkov lead developer, hosted another TarkovTV Twitch stream on September 25, 2020 to share updates and insights in the game; particularly on the upcoming patch 0.12.8. During this Escape From Tarkov devblog, he went over a lot of information on update 12.8 so we’ve compiled the notable updates mentioned on stream.

Summary Of Devblog For Escape From Tarkov 12.8 Update

12.8 Will Be Released Soon

During the devblog, Nikita shared that update 12.8 will launch for Escape From Tarkov soon, but not this week. The developers are going through the final stages of polish and will release the patch notes sometime next week.

Wipe Will Be Coming Later

Echoing previous statements Nikita confirmed wipe will not occur as part of 12.8. The expectations is wipe will arrive with patch 0.12.9 towards the end of the year, but no date has been scheduled.

New Features Arriving With 12.8

The update will add new game dynamics along with a number of quality of life improvements to the game.

Heavy Bleeding And Blood Trails

The existing bleeding mechanic will be expanded into two stages: Light Bleeding and Heavy Bleeding. Light Bleeding will function the same as bleeding does today with the gradual loss of HP unless fixed with a bandage or most medkits. Heavy Bleeding will cause a greater loss of health unless fixed and cannot be stopped with the standard bandages. Most medkits will temporary stop the bleeding, but will not remove it entirely. Two new bandages will be added to the game designed specifically to repair Heavy Bleeding: CALOK-B Hemostatic and Esmarch Bandage.


After years of request by new players to the game, a compass is finally being added to the game. The compass must be purchased, but has its own slot and cannot be looted from your body. It is a radial compass and must be viewed to obtain your bearing. New compasses and GPS units may be added in the future.

Limb Status Shown With Character Icon

Your character icon will be colorized to match the health status of each limb. If your right leg is severely wounded and red in the Health screen, then it will be reflected as red on your character icon.

Quantity Of Meds Will Appear In Hot Bar

The amount remaining of your meds set in your hot bar will now appear in your hot bar. No more having to remember if you have a full Salewa left or only half.

New Hideout Skills

Two new skills will be added to the game related to your Hideout. Most likely the skills will improve your crafting times or extend the life of your fuel generator, but no information on the skills have been confirmed.

Inventory Sorting Mechanic

A new inventory sorting mechanic will be introduced to help you maximize your available space. It will be available for each window (IE. Stash, Backpack, Secure Container, etc.) and will rearrange your items to use every available space from top to bottom with a click of a button.

High Quality Color Graphics Setting

A new graphics setting will be added and activated by default. Nikita did not go into details on exactly what this option does, but set the expectation that a majority of players will see a small boost in game performance.

New BEAR 3 / Scav Voice Lines

New BEAR and Scav voice lines have been added to the list. No mention of any new voice lines for USEC.

New Art For Item Icons

The icons for various items have been updated with new art. We saw the Duffel Bag, Smoke Grenade and Transformer Bag all have new icons.

GL40 Grenade Launcher Nerf

While answering community questions Nikita confirmed the GL40 grenade launcher will get a nerf in the new update, but he did not elaborate on how it will be changed.

New Items Arriving With 12.8

The developers love their items and will be adding new guns and gear with the update.

Colt M45A1 .45 ACPA new .45 ACP pistol will be added. It is the standard pistol for the United States Marines: Colt M45A1.
Kel-Tec RFB 7.62×51Semi-automatic rifle. Uses FAL magazines.
?Mystery WeaponNikita confirmed a weapon will be added, but kept it a mystery. It will likely be either the KRISS Vector or HK UMP.
VEPR Hunter AttachmentsThe VEPR VPO-101 Hunter will be getting a new stock and silencer.

Weapon PartsNew railed handguard, skeletonized pistol grip and 3 new muzzles will be added for AK variants.
Lancer LCH-7 12.5 inch M-LOK handguard for AR-15The SR-25 will get a new carbon fiber handguard.
Direct Action Thunderbolt Compact Chest RigUnarmored tactical rig with 16 inventory slots. Seven 2×1 slots and two 1×1 slots.
BNTI Korund-VM ArmorClass 5 armor with 44.6 durability. -9% turn speed, -10% ergo and -30% movement speed. Material: Armor steel.
RYS-T HelmetHelmet with face visor attachment. Nikita said it will be better, but more expensive than the Altyn helmet.
Galvion Calman Ballistic HelmetNew helmet with extra head cover, visor and mandible attachments. Has 42/42 durability base and 117 durability with all attachments.
XCEL HeadsetA new headset will be added to the game.
LK 3F Transfer Tourist BackpackA cheap 4×3 backpack that will spawn on scavs.
Eberlestock F5 Switchblade Backpack (Dry Earth)A backpack with 30 inventory slots.
Eberlestock F4 Terminator Load Bearing Backpack (Tiger Stripe)Backpack with 40 inventory slots divided into 4×5, 2×5 and 2×5 sections
New ClothesBEAR and USEC will receive two new outfits. The new BEAR G99 outfit was shown.
New Headwear: BeretsStay stylish with new berets in three colors: black, blue and green.
Heavy Bleeding BandagesEsmarch Bandage – 5 sec use time and stops Heavy Bleeding
CALOK-B Hemostatic – 3 sec use time, stops Heavy Bleeding and 3 uses
KVASS “Yadreniy” 0.6L DrinkA fermented slavic drink. +65 Hydration and +15 Energy; 60/60 uses

What Is Coming After 12.8

During the devblog, Nikita also spoke about things to expect in Escape From Tarkov after the 12.8 update. Take these items with a grain of salt as things may change or removed all together during the development process.

Player Survey

The developers will launch another player survey to identify the biggest pain points players have with the game such as late spawns, cheating and desyncs. They will use this data to prioritize the issues they will tackle moving forward.

New Merch Item: KILLA Mug

If you ever dreamt of drinking a hot beverage out of the top of KILLA’s head, then you are in luck as a KILLA mug will be added to the official Battlestate Games merch store shortly.

Woods Map Expansion

Woods will receive an expansion sometime between updates 12.8 and 12.9. It will be before the next wipe and increase the map size by 50% – 100%. It will include new extracts, new spawns for the scav boss Shturmann and new focal points for looting and combat. Learn more about what to expect with the Woods map Expansion in our article here.

Streets Of Tarkov Map

The next map, Streets of Tarkov, has been delayed into 2021 and will occur after wipe. With 95% of the art team committed to the map Nikita promises it is the most ambitious location to the game yet. Another trailer will be launched closer to the end of the year.

Stim Pouch

A medical item-only 6 slot container will be added to the game shortly after the release of 12.8. It will only take one inventory slot and will help you carry the various medical items in the game; especially with the launch of the Heavy Bleeding feature. No word yet on any restrictions the pouch may have such as being able to hold it in your secure container.


The FN SCAR may be released during update 12.9.

RAID Episode 5

The next episode in the RAID series is in production. A new post-FX company is working on the episode now.

Third EFT Book – Master Of The Night

The third book in the Escape From Tarkov Predator series will launch shortly and simply awaiting the cover art to be finished. It will be called “Master of the Night” which implies it has been translated to English. No word on when or if the second book, “The Voice Behind”, will be translated to English.

Private Server For Competitions

A private server dedicated to EFT competitions is in the works and will be available around the beginning of 2021. It will likely be used only for large streamer battles such as Evasion GG’s competition series or Pestily’s Punisher Tournament. Nikita implied the private server will be used for the Punisher Tournament after the next one.

Invite Only Test Servers

A test server is being developed for select players to test new features before release to the public. This server will be invite only with no details on the selection process besides a brief description of their ideal candidate.

Coop Offline Mode

Listening to community feedback an offline coop mode is planned for development; however, this new game mode is low on their priority list and expected to come out closer to game launch…so, 2022?

Storyline Quests

Storyline quests have been teased for some time by Nikita and will be a feature released closer to or part of the official game release. Nikita envisions the quests to have character dialogue options similar to RPG games such as Fallout. This aligns to the rumor that traders will receive in-game avatars that you need to interact with.

Hideout Expansion

Nikita clarified that the Hideout is an important part of the Tarkov experience and storyline so it will continue to receive updates in the future including new crafts and new stations.

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