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Therapist | Escape From Tarkov

The Therapist is a trader in Escape From Tarkov that specializes in medical and provision items.

Escape From Tarkov | Therapist Trader Inventory

Items For Sale

Loyalty LevelItemCostCurrency
1Analgin painkillers5,695
1Aseptic Bandage1,949
1Immobilizing Splint2,677
1Esmarch Tourniquet1,332
1AI-2 Medkit4,149
1Car First Aid Kit7,372
1Factory Plan17,896
1Shoreline Paper Map22,145
1Shoreline Resort Map10,408
1Army Crackers14,665
10.6L Water Bottle12,401
2Army Bandage2,032
2Salewa First Aid Kit23,162
2Emelya Rye Croutons13,562
2Interchange Paper Map10,157
2Dogtag Case447,330
2Lucky Scav Junkbox1,955,976
3Immobilizing Splint (ALU)15,873
3CALOK-B Hemostatic3,424
3IFAK Personal Tactical First Aid Kit27,202
3Items Case15,604
3Meds Case548,610
4Morphine Injector28,089
4Augmentin Antibiotic Pills30,044
4Grizzly First Aid Kit49,836
4TerraGroup Labs access keycard218,670
4Hemostatic Drug Zagustin28,638
4Adrenaline Injector30,892

Barter Trades

Loyalty LevelComponentsItemValue
1Matches x2Analgin Painkillers2,280
1Duct Tape x2Car First Aid Kit3,465
1Paid AntiRoachSalewa First Aid Kit7,073
1Crickent Lighter x4
Matches x4
Pile of Meds3,900
1Crickent Lighter
Can of Pacific Saury1,534
1Disposable syringeIskra lunch box4,415
1Vita juiceSlickers Bar1,359
2Disposable syringe x2Immobilizing splint (alu)3,120
2Gas Analyzer x1
Ultraviolet Lamp x1
Grizzly First Aid Kit13,141
2Pack of sugar
Sodium bicarbonate
IFAK personal tactical first aid kit8,911
2Disposable syringe x2
Ultraviolet lamp x1
Combat stimulant injector SJ1 TGLabs16,566
2Rye CroutonsEmelya rye croutons179
2Golden neck chain x4Customs Office Key6,664
2Pack of chlorine x10West Wing Room 221 key54,000
2Pile of meds x6
Disposable Syringe x2
Pistol Case4,620
2Cat figurine
Bronze lion
Horse Figurine x5
Documents Case103,830
2Hydrogen peroxide x10
Saline solution x10
Pack of chlorine x10
2Medical bloodset x7
Disposable syringe x7
Vaseline x2
Meds Case153,765
2Dogtag >= Lvl 10 x100Lucky Scav Junkbox753,466
3Repellent x2CMS kit13,500
3Dogtag >= Lvl 39 x20
Dogtag >= Lvl 10 x140
LEDX Skin Transilluminator291,000
3Purified Water x6
Water Filter x5
RB-AK key43,800
3Ophthalmoscope x20
Pile of meds x15
Items Case516,597
3Dogtag >= Lvl 15 x140Items Case516,597
3Augmentin antibiotic pills x2
Vaseline x2
Surv12 field surgical kit x2
Pile of Meds x3
LBT-2670 Slim Field Med Pack55,800
4Medical bloodset
Pile of meds x3
Ibuprofen painkillers10,094
4Schaman shampoo x5Regenerative stimulant injector eTG-change17,460
4Saline solution x2
Hydrogen peroxide
Combat stimulant injector SJ6 TGLabs12,900
4Pile of meds x5Pack of sugar2,093
4Condensed Milk x60
Pack of oat flakes x10
Key to KIBA store outlet60,000
4Golden neck chain x5
Roler submariner gold wrist watch x2
Gold skull ring x2
Money Case167,244
4Portable defibrillator x12
LEDX Skin Transilluminator x12
Ibuprofen painkillers x10
THICC Items Case1,302,000
4"Fierce Hatchling" moonshine x50
Bottle of vodka Tarkovskaya x35
Bottle of Dan Jackiel Whiskey x30
THICC Items Case1,302,000

Offers Best Price On Following Items

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