What Annoys You The Most In Tarkov? The Developers Want To Know!

During the last podcast, lead game designer Nikita Buyanov stated they would be running a survey to identify what are the most annoying issues in Escape From Tarkov after the release of update 12.8. And though the update is expected to arrive in the next week or two, it appears Battlestate Games could not wait that long and have started collecting feedback from the community.

On the Escape From Tarkov subreddit, Nikita told the community that they decided to start the survey before the patch instead of after because they felt players would be too focused on exploring the new content. He has asked the community to provide issues as constructively as possible and to utilize Reddit’s upvote system to highlight and prioritize the most pressing issues.

H E L L O W!

So, we decided to do it before the 12.8, cause, usually, right after the patch ppl are focusing on the patch and not on writing annoying problems on forums. And right now we want your feedback on what is not right in current version of the game.

So, type the most annoying bugs, most annoying features, questionable gameplay elements and balancing issues you think are in the game right now. Vote for them to increase visibility. But please - type and vote deliberately. It's not the rant post - let's make it useful and constructive.

Your feedback will help us to determine future 12.9 patch goals.

Much love, patchnotes for 12.8 are soon!

The post has taken off with over 750 responses in less than 24 hours of players sharing what annoys them the most in Escape From Tarkov. The top rated response is a wonderfully compiled list of bugs, balance and quality of life issues put together by /u/sunmachine_. His list includes issues such as the Fully Auto Bug, Late Spawning and Sound Issues to name a few. Nikita has already expressed his appreciation to this post.

Many users expressed their frustrations with the network issues in the game:

Other users brought up game balancing changes:

What frustrates you the most in the current game? Be sure to let the developers know by commenting or voting in the Reddit thread.

This article was written during Escape From Tarkov version

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